SEO for the Entertainment Industry

ECO SEO have already successfully worked with a number of businesses in the entertainment industry, including wedding bands, agencies, a TV Production company and even a magician, optimising their websites to achieve more site visitors and enquiries.  We could be doing the same thing for you.

We work strictly within Googles guidelines for best practice, so you can be sure that the results we achieve will stick for the long term.  There are many companies still using outdated techniques which can easily have a website penalised after a possibly brief initial success.


  • We have many years experience working with the entertainment industry.
  • We enjoy seeing our clients sites high up on the search engines as much as you will.
  • Our clients see monthly increases in visitors to their website.
  • We know you will be impressed, so we don’t need to tie you in to a contract.
  • We are an eco friendly business.

So, What do we do ?

Firstly we’ll find out what you want to achieve and tell you if it’s realistic and if so, what we feel would be a sensible spend to achieve your objectives.  Most companies want more website visitors and customers, a band might want more fans on their Social Media pages to engage with, whereas a venue could be all about branding and publicity, but occasionally some do just want to appear high in Google for a particular term. It really does vary, for example a wedding band may only want to appear for certain terms and within a certain geographic region, whereas an agency will want country wide exposure, if not global coverage.

Once we start work you will usually start to see improvements in a month or two, it really depends what we find once we start to analyze your website and the competition.  Sometimes there is a technical problem preventing a website from showing high up in search results, if this is the case you may see a very sudden jump as soon as it’s fixed, sadly, that’s relatively uncommon though, it’s much more likely you’ll see steady gradual progress up the ranks.

We then continue to undertake detailed keyword research to focus the campaign moving forward, identify any further issues with your website which may be preventing you from appearing higher now. We are also likely to make suggestions for updates to some pages, usually just a simple case of improving the text.  We also very carefully build targeted and relevant links to your site, the combination of these activities is what achieves results.

As your website starts to receive increasing numbers of visitors we will monitor their behavior on the site, what a visitor does once they land on the website is becoming increasingly important to Google and who they rank where in the search results. If you have a page which is frequently landed on but then the majority of people press the back button on their browser that’s a good indication that somethings wrong, so we update it until it achieves the required results.


The campaigns we undertake for our clients need to pay for themselves, so our objective is that you should be getting significantly more traffic and therefore new customers in a reasonable time frame. The idea is to make SEO pay for itself and more as quickly as possible, so you see the benefits and continue the campaign, it’s that simple. We don’t tie you in to a contract, so that’s our motivation to get your return on investment as quickly as possible, so you can easily justify continuing to work with us!

If you are involved in the entertainment industry and need SEO services, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a no obligation quote, this can apply to wedding bands, venues, promoters, theaters, record labels, even TV companies, please call on 01672 861541 or complete the contact form and we will call you back to discuss your requirements.