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What is Pay Per Click or Google Adwords

Pay Per Click is the general term for the likes of Google Adwords, this is when you bid to appear in a certain position in the advertising search results, these adverts are displayed each time someone searches for a term which you are bidding for, usually at the top and bottom of a page with the organic listings inbetween.

If you search for a product name you will see the organic listings or optimised websites in the main section of the page, with sponsored results at the top and bottom, they used to also be down the right hand side, but at the time of writing this they have been removed.  The companies displayed in the paid adverts are biddding to be there and will pay a certain price every time someone clicks on their advert. The price of a click can vary enormously dependant on the specific keyword, the competition and the value of the potential sale, anything from pennies, up to £10 or more are fairly common.

How we can help

ECO SEO have many years experience in managing PPC, or specifically Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcentre campaigns, we can set up an initial account for you and configure it for your keywords, or we can continue refining the account over a period of time to help increase the number of clicks you receive for your budget.

With regular reviews and testing of different landing pages and keyword formats, we can both reduce your cost per click and encourage more targeted users to click on your advert, ultimately converting more website visitors into buying customers.

PPC can be ideal for those waiting for their organic search engine results to increase, or those who already appear in the search engines but would like to cover both options.

Who uses Pay Per Click?

PPC can be applied to most companies online advertising campaigns, even if you are a small company competing with much larger businesses, there are likely to be certain keywords we can focus on. These could drive targeted traffic to your website for specific products which the larger companies do not specifically advertise. Or you can compete on the high competition keywords, but set it so your advert disappears once your budget for the day has been used up.

Making a pay per click account work for you is all about researching the keywords to be used and testing different adverts and landing pages, as this will ultimately increase the number of clicks you receive, whilst reducing the overall budget that needs to be spent.

If you would like to discuss your online advertising with our SEO consultants, or require SEO services, please either call us on 0800 0488832 or use the contact form and we will call you straight back.

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