We’ve been providing the very best SEO Swindon has to offer since 2006. We take a fresh new approach to digital marketing and search engine optimisation services, but importantly have the skills and experience to back it up.

A Local Business

We’re based between Swindon, Marlborough and Devizes in the peace of the Wiltshire countryside. Specialists in providing successful SEO campaigns for small to medium sized local businesses who want local or national results. We also provide our clients with website design services, if required, very much approached from a search engine optimisation angle.

Diverse Range of Customers

As a Swindon SEO agency we’ve worked with local companies as diverse as online retailers, construction, solicitors, manufacturers, and even a pop band during the last 15 years ! Providing each with the very best SEO Swindon has to offer, raising their online profile and sending new visitors to their website, ultimately helping to improve the bottom line.

Bespoke SEO Campaigns

We pride ourselves on our depth of search engine optimisation knowledge and ability to act quickly to magic roundabout in swindon wiltshirechanges. This combined with local knowledge means we are perfectly placed to undertake campaigns for local companies. We do not offer a standard package, simply because every website and market is different. In-fact even your own requirements, website and objectives will probably differ slightly to your competitors, therefore our campaigns are tailored to accommodate this. We plan each digital marketing campaign based around the industry, competitors, objectives and budgets.

Just because you have a smaller budget than your competitors, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. We have beaten much larger companies with much larger budgets, time and time again!

Budget Friendly

We do not charge hefty initial set-up costs, nor do we tie you in to a fixed term contract. Our SEO campaigns simply run on an ongoing monthly basis, so you can cancel at any time should you decide to. Of course, once we start proving our ability and this translates to increased traffic, enquiries and sales, why would you want to cancel anyway?


Swindon SEO Services

Why Choose eco seo?

  • We’re a Swindon SEO agency who’ve been working with businesses in and around Wiltshire since 2006.
  • Our track record is second to none.
  • Our clients websites have experienced first page and first place search engine positions for numerous terms.
  • Want us to pop in? No problem, we’re just down the road.
  • We keep abreast of algorithm updates so we can react quickly to changes.
  • eco seo is an environmentally friendly Swindon SEO company.

How We Optimise Your Website

Upon initial contact we will take a look at your site, it’s positions in search and your competition, this is usually enough to have a conversation with you where we can marry these up with your objectives, propose a search engine optimisation campaign and of course, provide pricing. When a new client gives us the go ahead, we start off with a thorough site audit to identify any technical issues with the website itself, we also begin keyword research to establish how your existing customers are finding your website and identify any missed opportunities, as there are undoubtedly many potential customers who are simply not finding your website at all.

Once clear objectives have been agreed and we have a plan in place the work can begin. Either we can update elements of your website for you, or advise you, in-house or third party web developers on how to optimise key factors on your landing pages to make them search engine friendly. Whilst this will provide some initial improvements, the off-page work strengthens the theme and authority of your website, this makes significant improvements to your results in the major search engine results pages.

When your website is appearing in the search engines and more potential customers begin clicking on your website, we can focus on guiding the user to complete an action. This often involves testing different page layouts and text, to encourage them to complete the desired action, such as sending an enquiry, subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase. All you have to do is manage the enquiries or process the orders.

As a professional SEO agency, we use a wide variety of professional industry software, Google Analytics and Search Console to help us to identify and apply the most effective search engine optimisation seo techniques for your website. We also provide regular reports so you can see how things are improving each month.

Integrated Website Design and SEO

With new clients we (and undoubtedly other seo companies) often realise that our SEO services are focused on correcting the technical mistakes a previous web designer has made, so we also offer full website design services. This means we do the keyword research before the web design, meaning fast loading video websitewe can structure the site, navigation and URL’s correctly from the outset. It also allows us to build it using the right software to ensure it loads quickly and is error free from launch.

Our website design includes everything you’d expect, from online shopping functionality, blogs, social media integration, banners (although these can impact speed) and video. In fact here’s an example of a video heavy web design we did for a local business, it loads very quickly and ranks well in the search engines. So if you’re looking for a local web designer, why not give us a call?

Return on Investment from Internet Marketing Services

We will track your improved positions in the search engines, the changes we implement will directly reflect the increase in visitors to your site and how they have behaved once on there. All you need to do is keep track of telephone enquiries and sales as this is the one thing we won’t be able to see.

If you are receiving more business as a result of the campaign than it’s costing you that’s your ROI. We aim to achieve this for you as quickly as possible, so you want to keep using us. We don’t tie customers in to a contract, our search engine optimisation campaigns run on a rolling monthly basis, so you could cancel at any time, therefore it’s in our best interest to make your website for for you to create a win win situation!

Why not get in touch to discuss what kind of return you would like from your website, we will advise as to what is realistic and in what time frames along with appropriate costs, then if you would like to progress we can begin the initial research work almost immediately.

Being close to Swindon the vast majority of our clients are based in the surrounding area, however because the work we undertake can be based on achieving national search engine results we welcome clients from all over the UK. If you are looking for a professional SEO company, why not speak to our SEO experts for the best SEO Swindon has to offer?

What do our Internet Marketing Services Cost?

The price of our SEO services vary. Once we’ve taken a look at your website we can advise how much time is likely to be required to have an impact and reach your goals. We bill on a simple and competitive daily rate and only ask that if you want to increase, or decrease the time we spend on your campaign that you let us know by the monthly billing anniversary so we can plan our time accordingly.

Our services are billed monthly and you are not tied in to a lengthy contract, again, all we ask is that you let us know before the next invoice date.

Looking for a great local SEO company? Why not get in touch, so we can give you a competitive quote for our Swindon SEO services.