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while seo and web design are transferable skills, we find that already having had many years experience working with a wide range of horticulture businesses gives us the edge

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horticulture seo & web design services

we’re technical wordpress seo experts who’ve worked with a range of growers and retailers in the horticulture sector since 2006, therefore have both the industry experience and technical seo skills to drive your future clients to your website.

We tend to work with smaller businesses and are therefore very familiar with the challenge to compete with much larger organisations.  Our results are outstanding and we can demonstrate where our clients who have a small marketing budget are out competing businesses many many times their size in the search engines. Given the right search engine optimisation SEO strategy, your website could be generating a steady stream of new enquiries or sales.

6 month 800% traffic increase

This clients website was generating less than 20 visits a day when we started working with them, in just over 4 months we have increased that to almost 200 a day.  That’s around an 800% increase in organic visits. If you’re looking for SEO for a horticultural website please contact us.

what happens when i contact you?

When we first speak to you we’ll take a few details including your website address (URL), who you consider to be your main competitors and what your short and long term objectives are for the website. Next we can look over your website both manually and through various SEO software packages we use, to identify anything holding it back at the moment. We’ll also compare your current search engine ranks combined with a wide range of core SEO factors with the competition. After a day or 2 we’ll have the data required to get back to you to suggest a way forward.

a typical example of the seo process for horticulture, growers and plant nurseries


Analysing which keywords to target is a vital first step. We start off with the easier ones, so you can see the return on investment as quickly as possible. Meanwhile your target search queries will evolve over time and you’ll start performing for more competitive keywords and phrases as the seo campaign progresses.  This goes hand in hand with competitor research, with this data we can both monitor what they are doing but also cross reference the data with the keywords we’ll target ourselves.

From page speed load times and the quality of your hosting, to the code running behind the web pages pages and navigation structure, we check and correct issues which are either holding you back or will improve seo performance.  The speed at which your web pages load is an increasingly important ranking factor for Google and the other search engines, depending how the website’s been built fixing this could be fairly simple, although not always.  We have encountered sites which are so badly built that it’s easier to just rebuild the site, as fix the problems and potentially not have it up to its optimum speed.  If this is the case we would advise as soon as possible.

When a potential client or search engine visits your website, there are particular things they would expect to find, so it needs to be readily available.  We may need to restructure the navigation, add schema, interlink related pages, add t&c’s or privacy policies, make sure you are easy to contact… the list goes on…

Broadly speaking this refers to the quality an amount of words on your website combined with good page structure and, to some degree all the technical SEO elements which we address.  This is undoubtedly the most important of on or off page work. We’ve ranked small websites with very few links at all over much stronger competitors just by getting this right and continue to do so.

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we understand how this has become much more than just backlinks in recent years. In fact many backlinks are now considered toxic and could get your website penalised. While the right type of links are still important, so are citations which don’t link to you, having consistent business information across the web and a number of other things, we take care of it all.

This is sometimes required but often not, that being said it can become a core part of the seo strategy if you’re up against particularly fierce competition. It involves adding content on topics closely related to your niche which then link to your related main sales pages. This makes those key pages stronger whilst simultaneously attracting additional visitors to the new pages.

Once we start a project the research phase doesn’t stop. We continually review the best target terms, what your competition are up to and cross reference this with your own website performance so we can steadily refine our seo strategy and report back to the business owners.

You’ll want to know if the campaign is working. We used to send out lengthy reports, however we found that most clients only looked at their keyword rankings compared to the competitors, so we now keep them much shorter. That being said, we can easily incorporate all manner of metrics, so if you are more technically minded, just let us know what you’d like included. We do however encourage you to keep a very close eye on the number of enquiries and sales you receive, ultimately this is the only real measure of success.

It may surprise you that being number 1 on Google for highly competitive terms can be counter productive! We’ve seen this happen in a number of ways over the years, for example if you’re a garden centre, relying on local footfall, there is little point competing on a national level for competitive terms. The amount of time and money which goes into achieving them is likely to exceed the returns.

Likewise if we target a term when other suppliers sell a very similar product for a significantly lower price, you’ll get the clicks, but not the sales.

This comes back to research, as an experienced digital marketing agency we always target realistic terms: those for which we can compete at that moment in time.  initially these may be the low hanging fruit, but over time most things become possible.

We’ve worked for several horticulture businesses since 2006 when the company started. At the time of writing, we are running seo campaigns for a garden centre who are in the midlands, a Wiltshire tree specialist who sources and plants very high end trees and a woodland management company who maintain and harvest timber crops for their clients.

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You can call us on 0800 048 8832 or send a message through our contact form and we'll get back to you

    Our contract

    There isn’t one!  We believe that you should only keep using us based on the performance of our online marketing strategy.  We’re confident that we can achieve impressive results with your horticulture SEO campaign, so we don’t need to tie you in.  All we do ask is that you give it a fair chance for the results to start.

    We bill every SEO campaign on a rolling monthly basis which the client can cancel at any point, right up to the day before we bill the following month.

    Our SEO services are very competitive and we bill based on agreed time spent working on your digital marketing campaign each month.

    No set up fees – No fixed term contract – Competitive daily rates.

    Setting objectives

    Your horticulture SEO campaign is driven by a balance of what you want to achieve and what’s realistic at that stage of the SEO plan.  Generally speaking this will involve improving search engine positions, which will increase the number of potential clients who see and click through to your website. Once on the site, typically having landed on one of your specific service pages, we steer them to complete a goal or action This could be simply clicking “buy now” through your online shop, calling you, submitting an enquiry form or signing up to your newsletter.

    Your specific niche could be online plant sales, a nursery with a physical garden centre open to the public a grower or gardening business. Regardless of your niche, much like many things in life, you need an objective, then we know what we’re aiming for.

    There are only really 3 things which affect your online presence

    • What we do to your website
    • What the competition do to their websites
    • Googles ever changing algorithm updates

    Whilst we can’t directly control what Google or your competition do, we can follow best practices to ensure that when Google rolls out an algorithm update it’s more likely to work in our favour than against us. We stay well within Googles best practice guidance to make sure we are always doing the best possible job for our clients horticulture SEO campaigns and online presence. 


    Web design for garden centres, growers and horticulture

    We are an SEO company first and foremost, but often find that new clients have had a website designed by designers who have no idea about SEO, let alone in your industry sector. As a result there are numerous things which need to be rectified before we can get on with optimising specific pages. These tend to be tasks like pages being named wrong web design from imageswhich means we have to create 301 redirects to rename them. particular WordPress plugins can make a site very slow to load, missing or incorrect schema, or even being poorly coded which again can make the site slow.

    As a result, we have redesigned several clients sites from the ground up based around keyword research with impressive results. So we decided to offer our own SEO friendly web design services.  While we mainly offer this service to existing clients, we do also offer it to new clients if we have the time available.  So if you found us looking for SEO web design, it’s worth giving us a call to see if our schedules correlate.

    Like our other services, rates are very competitive and we can usually have a website completed in a matter of weeks, depending on the size of the project.