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An internet marketing service differs somewhat from traditional search engine optimisation, because it’s not all about increasing your position in the search engines, but increasing the online awareness of your brand and products, this in turn increases visitor numbers in a variety of different ways, the results are usually measured by increased sales. Some Internet marketing strategies are part of SEO and vice versa.

Strategies for Marketing a Company Online

The big online buzz at the moment is still social networking, and not without good reason, sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have millions of daily visitors as do many of the top social bookmarking sites like Delicious and reddit, along with Twitter these can be a great source of traffic, social marketing is anotheer component of the online marketing approach.

A combination of regular company news and updates, usually through blogging and integration of various social signals provides a fantastic opportunity to get your name out there and provide internet readers with the chance of clicking a link which takes them back to related information on your own website and then on to your sales pages or enquiry forms.

Of course, the information they find there must be compelling and encourage them to perform an action on your site, be it making a purchase or sending you an enquiry. The overall design of the site must also be aesthetically pleasing in combination with giving the search engines all the right information about what your page is about.

In general, the term Internet marketing encompasses a much wider range of activities than the traditional approach to SEO, which in it’s simplest terms, is about getting your page much higher up in the search engines. Online marketing is a broader picture and although incorporating elements of SEO, it is a more holistic approach attracting traffic from a broader range of sources.

Of course, there is a huge crossover in the terminology used, so what one company calls Marketing, the next may call SEO and vice-versa. The best thing to do is call us to discuss your objectives, we will work with you to make sure your site get’s the exposure it deserves.

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