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while seo and web design are transferable skills, we find that already having had many years experience working with solicitors gives us the edge

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web design and seo for solicitors

having provided seo for solicitors and law firms since 2006, we have the industry experience and technical seo skills to drive potential clients to your website.

We tend to work with smaller law firms, typically those with 1-4 office locations, therefore we’re very familiar with the battle to rank above much larger organisations, particularly in the highly competitive personal injury and medical negligence sector. While it’s not easy, it is possible and given the right search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, your website could be generating a steady stream of new enquiries.

6 month 800% traffic increase

This clients website was generating less than 20 visits a day when we started working with them, in just over 6 months we have taken that up to almost 200 a day.  That’s around an 800% increase in organic visits. If you’re looking for SEO for solicitors or a law firm website please contact us.

The SEO Process

When you call, we’ll take a few initial details about your website and who your main competitors are, along with your objectives from an SEO campaign. This is all we need to look over your website to identify any major problems which could be holding it back, we’ll also compare your current search engine rankings and other SEO factors with the competition. At this point we can call you back to discuss the likely way forward, without using technical jargon.

A typical example of what’s involved in SEO for solicitors and law firms

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Keyword research is an essential first step.  We need to decide on the search terms or phrases which match your service offering, are commonly searched for and ideally aren’t too competitive. We like to start with the low hanging fruit if possible, as that will start the stream of enquiries and gives you a sense of confidence that we know what we’re doing. The more competitive the term, the longer it usually takes.

Technical Audit

From page load speed to hosting and code on the pages through navigation structure, we look at every aspect of your law firm website to make sure it runs as well as possible and includes everything likely to help it rank well. Site speed is a major concern these days and is due to become even more important in 2021.  Occasionally we do come across websites which have been so badly built, it’s easier to redesign the website as repair it, if this is the case we would advise as soon as possible.

Site Structure

When a potential client or search engine visits your website, there are certain things they would expect to find there and information must be easy to find.  We make sure the navigation is simple, related information is internally linked, a suitable title tag is used,headers are correctly formatted, there are plenty of calls to action, structured data is accurate, landing pages have the best keyword density, contact forms are quick and simple to use… the list goes on and on.

Off Page Factors

Broadly speaking this refers to who is linking to you. We will make sure your law firm’s listed with the correct business name, address and opening hours across a range of websites and directories including Google My Business, Facebook, plus other directories and social media platforms.  In addition we’ll encourage links from other thematically related blogs and websites.  This strengthens your website and how it is perceived by Google or the other search engines.

Content Marketing

Broadly speaking this refers to the quality an volume of copy on your web pages and is key to achieving good search engine rankings.  It could mean improving the text on existing pages, adding new ones or adding blog posts.  We use software which analyses the content and on page factors from the top Google results to give us the information required to make your pages rank.

Continual Review

When we do SEO for solicitors or law firms, we are constantly reviewing what works, what doesn’t, what other solicitors websites are doing and new keyword opportunities to make sure our SEO strategies keep you ahead of the game.

SEO Reports

You’ll receive regular monthly reports which show how the seo strategy is working and the result of our internet marketing activities. This can include various metrics but commonly include your page strength scores, which keywords have improved and by how much, any featured snippets achieved and technical or SEO issues fixed.  We can start with our standard reporting format and adapt it if there is anything else you’d like added.

It may surprise you that being number 1 on Google for highly competitive terms can be counter productive! We achieved first page for the term “no win no fee solicitors” for a solicitors website a few years ago.  Unfortunately, because it has such a high search volume, it generated lots of calls from people who’d been turned down by other firms and were often geographically too far away.

In another example, we even find that achieving first position for something like “solicitors swindon” or “wiltshire lawyers” is usually counterproductive. The reason being that potential clients will know what type of legal services they need, so are more likely to use more targeted search terms like “conveyancing in Marlborough” or “employment law specialist” etc.

This is actually great news. First, it means we are up against fewer competitors for any target keyword phrase and once ranking for local search results, the enquiries you receive will be from people who are both local and want the exact type of solicitor services you offer.

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    The SEO contract

    There isn’t one!  We work on a rolling monthly basis so you could stop at any no contract to tie you intime.  We don’t believe in tying customers in, we know we can deliver consistent long term search results, therefore we don’t need to tie you into a contract. All we ask is that you stick with it for a short time to start seeing the SEO results.

    Our rates are very competitive and we bill based on agreed time spent working on your law firms website each month

    No set up fees – No fixed term contract – Competitive daily rates.

    Setting objectives

    Our SEO for solicitors and law firms is driven by what you want to achieve.  Generally speaking this will involve improving  search engine positions, which will increase the number of potential clients who see and click through to your website. Once on the site, typically having landed on one of your specific service pages, we steer them to complete a goal or action This could be simply calling you, submitting an enquiry form or signing up to your newsletter or social accounts.

    Your specific niche could be employment law, criminal or family law, no win no fee, or you may have location pages for each of your offices.   If you want people or businesses to find your firm of solicitors online you must be appearing for the keywords and phrases they search for, nobody uses the Yellow Pages anymore, so we devise strong SEO strategies which improve your online presence.

    The 3 Considerations of an SEO strategy

    Broadly speaking there are only three things which impact your search engine rankings:

    • What we do to your website
    • What the competition do to their websites
    • Googles ever changing algorithm

    Whilst we can’t directly control what Google or your competition do, we can follow best practices to ensure that when Google rolls out an algorithm update we aren’t going to be negatively impacted by it. 


    Adwords or Pay Per Click

    We often manage relatively small Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for our clients.  These are usually to give a short term boost for particular keywords.

    It may be that you are opening a new office and need some exposure in that area until the organic search engine optimisation starts to generate an adequate number of leads. Or perhaps you are expanding into a new area of law, or have a new employee at your law firm.

    Adwords can provide a targeted boost to your web traffic to fill the gaps in an SEO campaign and is another part of the digital marketing tool-set.

    Content Marketing

    It’s unfortunate that the bigger the law firm, the easier this is.  If you have 52 solicitors working at your law firm, each solicitor only needs to write 1 good case study per year and you have a great quality blog post added to the site every week.

    We work with much smaller firms where this isn’t possible. However by working smart and focusing content marketing around particular niches to strengthen an existing web page, we can have significant success.

    Web design for solicitors

    We are an SEO company first and foremost, but often find that new clients have had a website designed by designers who have no idea about optimisation. As a result there are numerous things which need to be rectified before we can get on with optimising specific pages. These tend to be things like pages being named wrong web design from imageswhich means we have to create 301 redirects to rename them. particular WordPress plugins can make a site very slow to load, missing or incorrect schema, or even being poorly coded which again can make the site slow.

    As a result, we have redesigned several clients sites from the ground up based around keyword research with impressive results. So we decided to offer our own SEO friendly web design services for law firms. While we mainly offer this service to existing clients, we do also offer it to new clients if we have the time available.  So if you found us looking for SEO web design, it’s worth giving us a call to see if we can fit you in.

    Like our other services, our rates are very competitive and we can usually have a solicitors website completed in a couple of months, depending on the size of the project.