SEO for Solicitors

We have been providing high quality SEO for solicitors since 2006, helping them to achieve an improved presence on the internet. Our experience makes us the obvious choice if you need to increase your client base. We only target terms for one firm in an area so you can be sure that we are working for you and not your competition too! In today’s market, advertising has changed, people no longer pick up the Yellow Pages or refer to a local newspaper to find products or services, they just “Google it”!  If you want to appear in Google and the other search engines for the terms that prospective clients may use when looking for legal services, you need SEO. It’s not just a happy coincidence that that the firms at the top are there, they have invested time and effort to achieve those positions, something which, in today’s highly competitive market is necessary to attract new clients through the internet. If this isn’t your main source of enquiries, you are missing out on huge volumes of business.

ECO SEO work with solicitors and lawyers to improve their search engine positions, increase the number of potential clients who click through to your website and encourage them to complete a goal or action, such as calling you, submitting an enquiry form or signing up to your newsletter or social accounts.

Your specific niche could be commercial law, criminal law, no win no fee, it really doesn’t matter, if you want people or businesses to find you firm of solicitors online you must be appearing for the keywords and phrases they search for.

Our Process

When you call, we avoid talking technical jargon (unless you understand and prefer it, of course), we’ll take a few initial details about your website and who your main competitors are, along with your desired objectives from an SEO campaign. This is initially enough for us to look over your website and identify any major problems which could be holding it back, we’ll also compare your current ranked positions against the competitors, this is usually enough for us to formulate the framework of an SEO strategy, specifically tailored to your website and objectives. We can then usually get back to you a couple of days later to discuss what needs to be done and give you prices. If you’re happy with everything the campaign can begin.

Return on Investment

Sometimes we find a website with serious technical errors which are holding it back, once fixed they could make your site jump up the search results.  However it’s much more likely that we will be regularly apply updates and changes which mean you will see a steady improvement over time. As your web presence improves , so in turn will the number of site visitors clicking through and completing an action. As this begin to happen the increase in business will soon outweigh the cost of the campaign, delivering your ROI.

The contract

There isn’t one! We simply work on a rolling monthly basis, so provided you are prepared to give it a chance and wait for the ROI, your revenues from online sources will steadily increase. We don’t believe in tying customers in, we know we can deliver, so we don’t need to tie you into a contract.