We Develop Fast, Responsive Websites for Clients in Wiltshire, Providing Attractive, Functional Design Combined with Simple Navigation.

We’re a Wiltshire web design agency, specialists in website design and search engine optimisation since 2006. We work closely with our clients to cultivate interactive web experiences that excite and inspire. Our process is flexible and led by you to ensure 100% design satisfaction.

We’re an established, experienced and trusted local digital agency with vast experience in developing web design solutions which stand out from the crowd. We take our clients ideas from initial concept to reality.

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Websites, Blogs & Online Shops

In addition to our standard website design services, we can add a blog or online shop which integrates seamlessly with either your existing website, or a new one if you prefer. A blog or shop can be a useful part of your overall website strategy, because you can access it yourself with nothing more than a web browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc) and add news stories, products, product updates, awards or anything else related to your business. This not only means your customers are being kept up to date, but it also helps with your overall search engine optimisation.

E-Commerce and Online Shopping

An online shop means you can be open for business 24 hours a day to a global market. A shop can match your existing web design for continuity or have something new and fresh. Online shopping is steadily and rapidly increasing, 10 years ago it accounted for just over 5% of retail spend in the UK, in 2020 it’s over 20% and forecast to be 25% in 2021!

We build a range of websites from small, simple sites for startups, to larger business sites with secure areas for customers or staff to log in, multiple contact forms, Ecommerce and almost anything you can think of.  Our rates are very competitive and the results speak for themselves.


A responsive web design will work properly and quickly on any sized screen without theresponsive layout for pc mobile tablet buttons or text becoming too small, too close together or simply misaligned on the page. This has become essential in recent years, because Google prefers them and has been using mobile results even for its desktop results since 2018.

Most importantly it’s for the convenience of your site visitors who could well be accessing through phones and tablets. We’ve probably all experienced finding a site on our mobile where the entire page is far to small to read because it’s just the desktop version made smaller.  I’m sure we all promptly hit the back button too. That’s another potential customer the website owner lost.

Call us on 0800 0488832 or send a message to learn how we can help:

We can take care of the whole web design process: transferring content , designing the front end, SEO and taking care of redirects. Probably the most comprehensive web design Wiltshire has to offer!

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New Website Design

If you are looking for a brand new look or are starting a new business and need a new site, we can take a number of different approaches. We offer a complete design service, so you can tell us exactly what you want or provide sketches or graphics, so we can design and program the site accordingly. Alternatively, being an experienced web design agency, you can give us a rough idea what you want and we can draft something which already includes many of the web design elements you like, we can then adapt it further, by changing menus, the layout and colour schemes. Either option will probably require several pages with different layouts for the homepage, contact page, blog, product pages and so on.

We only build websites which work properly and quickly on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Updating or Refreshing a Tired Design

If you already have a website which has not had the care and attention it should have, or perhaps you just want a clean fresh look, we can probably update it for you, change key web design elements, add new pages or just give it a newer fresher feel. In addition to changing the appearance of the website design, we can also adapt the coding to incorporate the latest SEO techniques. We aren’t just a web design agency, we care about how your website appears in search results, just as much as how it looks.

Online Shops – Ecommerce

We are a web design agency with experience building online shops since the company started in 2006.

If you need our designers to create a simple shop for a few basic products, or need flexible product options or even kitting, we have probably already created something similar.

The development of ecommerce websites doesn’t have to be expensive either. We deliver creative shopping experiences for your customers from the top down.

We Live and Work in Wiltshire

We’re based in the Wiltshire countryside between Swindon, Calne, Devizes and Marlborough and tend to work with customers from the local area.

This benefits our clients both because we can pop in to discuss design elements, but also our overheads are kept to a minimum.  As a result the cost of building a website is much cheaper than a london web design agency might charge for a similar project.

Web Design with Digital Marketing at it’s Core

The internet would be amazing if all websites were originally designed with SEO at their core, unfortunately that’s seldom the case. Even many of the award winning London design agencies don’t have the depth of digital marketing knowledge to do this.  Yes, they can create a stunning website, but if it doesn’t rank in your favorite search engine, you could spend a lot of unnecessary time and money fixing technical SEO issues.

We take a fresh new approach to web development.  Being an SEO agency first and foremost, yet also have been designing websites since we started in 2006. We do everything with the search engine results firmly in mind from the outset and can advise on how design features and layouts can impact on search results now and into the future.

The result is a site which has every chance of succeeding in the search engines from initial launch, with a strong foundation should you decide to optimise your website in the future.

organic ranks improving over 2 years
This graph demonstrates how one of our clients ranks improved after launching their new website and with ongoing SEO.

What will a Design Agency Charge for Web Development?

A website design agency usually charge for their time to create and populate a website with your content. If you are a small company or even a larger one but have a relatively small website, it could be as little as a few hundred pounds, particularly if you have a content management system as the design agency can probably just give it a new look.

More likely you’ll want something completely new. This could involve a completely new framework, appearance, migrating and tidying content and comprehensive testing, that’s without any fancy bells and whistles.  In this case you’ll be up in the thousands.

If you have the budget you can go to an award winning London web design company, who in all fairness will almost certainly do a good job.  Just remember you’ll be paying for that fancy office space and small army of sales people and project managers.

We are at the other end of the scale when it comes to overheads.  We are based in the Wiltshire countryside with no sales people.  Just home based web designers who are just as proficient and have virtually no overheads.  We pass this saving on to you, that’s why we will usually cost a fraction of what you might pay a london based web agency.

Our Web Design Features Include the Following

  • The website design itself can be as simple or complex as you like.
  • Your new website will display correctly on PC’s, Tablets and Mobile Phones.
  • SEO optimised for the major search engines.
  • Content Management option so you can update it yourself.
  • Include E-commerce functionality
  • Integrated social media accounts.
  • We can make it fully GDPR compliant.
  • We can migrate existing content from your old website.