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A wordpress web design agency in wiltshire

SEO at the core of every website we design

Usually 2 months to live once you say “go”

Web design, Wiltshire based

  • We are specialists in WordPress

  • Business website development with SEO at it’s core

  • Highly competitive pricing for surprisingly rich features

  • We create impressive web experiences which encourage customer interaction

  • An established and trusted local digital agency

  • Probably the best web design Wiltshire has to offer
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A professional yet simple business website design for a local small business. While the layout and navigation appear to be simple, subtle shading and animated effects bring the pages to life, creating a stunning website which enhances the user experience.  In addition, incorporating multiple videos, large galleries and styled flip boxes make it stand out against the competition. All this and it still has lightning fast load times.

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why we build websites

When eco seo started back in 2006, as the name would suggest, seo was the focus.  However, the number of poorly structured and technically bad business websites we encountered was quite frankly shocking.  We knew we could do it a lot better, so we did!.

Virtually all our customers also complained that their previous website designer had them over a barrel with respect to costly hosting, ssl certificates and, most of all website updates, in some cases having spent more than the original cost of the web design again since.

Initially we only offered our website design service to existing seo clients, this worked well for everyone, the client now had a better website with a better online presence, it was easier for us to optimise further and as a result the clients made more sales.

We now offer our seo web design development to everyone.  So, if you’re considering a new or updated website, you can now have an engaging business website designed around improving your online presence. Regardless if you intend to optimise the site now, in future or not at all, you’ll benefit from lightning fast page load times, logical navigation, schema and meta tags set properly and pages designed to convert visitors into customers.

popular features included in our designsresponsive web design pc mobile tablet

  • Back end seo is taken care of as we build
  • Mobile friendly so the pages render correctly on any device
  • Flip boxes, galleries and sliders to make images stand out on the page.
  • Social media integration
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You can call us on 0800 048 8832 or send a message through our contact form and we'll get back to you

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    our design services in a nutshell

    New website development

    If you are looking for a new look for an existing brand identity, or web design for small businesses and need a new logo design, our designer can take various approaches.

    You can tell us exactly what you want or provide sketches or graphics, to design and populate the site accordingly.

    Alternatively, being an experienced agency, you can give us a rough idea what you want and we can draft something which already includes many of the elements you like all based around your brand identity.  We can then adapt your site further, by changing menus, the layout and colour schemes. Either option will probably require several page layouts, such as the homepage, contact page, blog, product pages and so on.

    Or if you already have business cards, a logo design or other graphic design related to the business, our web designer can start off based on the feel and fonts used.

    Updating old websites

    If you already have a website design, but it’s not had the care and attention it should have, or perhaps you just want a clean fresh look, our designers can usually update it for you, change key graphic design elements, add new pages or just give it a newer fresher feel.

    In addition to changing the appearance of the website design, we can also adapt it to incorporate the latest SEO techniques and avoid the technical errors. We aren’t just a design agency, we care about how your website appears in search results, as well as looking extremely professional to your users.

    e Commerce websites

    We built our first eCommerce websites soon after the company started back in 2006.

    If you need our web designers to create a simple shop for a few basic products, or need flexible product options or kitting, we can help and have almost certainly created something similar already.

    The development of an e commerce design doesn’t have to be expensive either. We deliver creative shopping experiences for you and your end users from the top down.

    You will of course have a user friendly admin area where you can process, ship, track and report on orders.

    We live and work in Wiltshire

    We’re based in the Wiltshire countryside between Swindon, Calne, Devizes and Marlborough and tend to work with customers from the local area.

    This benefits our clients both because we can pop in to discuss design elements, but also our overheads are kept to a minimum.  As a result the cost of building a web site is much cheaper than a large design agency might charge for a similar project.

    A new website built around search engine optimisation

    The internet would be fiercely competitive if all websites were originally designed with SEO at their core, luckily that’s rarely the case. Your average web site designers aren’t thinking about your online presence, they can usually create a nice looking website, but if it doesn’t rank in the search engines, nobody will see it anyway.

    We take a fresh new approach to web development.  Being an SEO agency first and foremost, your online presence is at the core of each and every web site that we create. We do everything with the search engine results firmly in mind from the outset and can advise on how design features and layouts can impact on search results now and into the future. We take care of both technical seo factors, but also the simple ones, like navigation and adding important pages like a privacy policy.

    The result is a website which has every chance of succeeding in the search engines from the outset.

    The blue line below demonstrates how our clients site improved in the search engines over time, compared to their competitors/

    organic ranks improving over 2 years

    affordable web design

    A website design agency usually charge for their time to create and populate a website with your content. For small businesses, or even larger ones who have a relatively simple website in mind, it could be as little as a few hundred pounds, particularly if you already have a content management system, as we may be able to just give it a new look.

    More likely you’ll want a completely new website. This could involve a completely new framework, appearance, migrating and tidying content and comprehensive testing, that’s without any fancy bells and whistles.  In this case you’ll be looking at a bit more.

    If you have the budget you can go to an award winning London agency, who in all fairness will almost certainly do a good job of making the website look good.  Just remember you’ll be paying for that fancy office space, a small army of sales people and project managers.

    We are at the other end of the scale when it comes to overheads.  We are based in the Wiltshire countryside with no sales people.  Just home based website designers who are just as proficient and have virtually no overheads.  We pass this saving on to you, that’s why we will usually cost a fraction of what you might pay for web development elsewhere. We also offer specific affordable web design packages to very small businesses and startups to help them get off the ground.