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Our affordable web design packages are ideal for startups and small business owners who needs a new web design for a small business or upcoming project.  Our web designs are aesthetically pleasing and have all the features you’d expect to see on a much larger website. Importantly, they are also built around fundamental SEO principles, yet can cost as little as £500.

a recent happy customer

JC Fuel Polishing was just an idea when Joe initially contacted us.  He needed a web design and logo for a startup business in Devizes.

We initially made sure we understood who his target market were. We then designed a logo and from that colour scheme, built a very simple website around it. Because the site was built around SEO principles, and because it’s quite a niche market, the website started ranking almost immediately.  This has led to a steady stream of enquiries.

Joe is understandably delighted with the results.

see the live website here

what makes our affordable web design packages different?

you own the website – you can update the website – we’re here to support you

eco seo started back in 2006 as a WordPress SEO consultancy not a web design company.  Over the years we have seen numerous examples where a small business owner paid a lot of money for a website design (in the worst example it ended up costing the client over £10,000), for a website which either had no chance of ranking, or didn’t give the client or us the ability to change anything themself incurring additional costs every time they asked their web designers to do even the smallest of updates.  In some cases we were able to fix the issues, although other times it was quicker and cheaper to just start again.

We’re a small business too, so appreciate that startups or small businesses can’t afford to make these kind of mistakes. That’s why we now offer our affordable website design packages. For a fixed low cost, you’ll get an attractive website, unique design, fast loading pages, with the scalability to grow your site with the business, it’ll be built built around core search engine optimisation principles and won’t break the bank.

how can our affordable web design service offer so much?

cms & theme fully configured – content & images laid out – lightning fast – seo friendly – error free

Before we explain how we do it, it’s important to understand the difference between our affordable web design packages and a cheap website design. 

cheap website design

Any web designers with a bit of practice can build a website which looks good, that’s the easy part, where they often fall down is by using the wrong tools for the job, so you may be left with a site which is built around technical errors, isn’t scaleable, you can’t easily edit yourself or does not give the search engines the signals they need to rank it well. 

eco seo affordable website design

We’ve been optimising websites since 2006 here at eco seo (and for a few years before the company started).  We are technical SEO experts and have a vast depth of knowledge about the systems and software we use, along with years of experience analysing how users interact with our clients websites and constantly tweaking them for improved search results, user interaction and user actions.

our approach

Once we understand what you want in aesthetic terms and your short and longer term objectives for the business and website, we can install the CMS and theme.  This is already optimised for seo and page speed, we know it’s all technically set up right because we’ve constantly tweaked it over recent years.

Next we design the navigation, header, footer, colour scheme, fonts and text settings, it’s these which give the site it’s brand identity. Then from our constantly evolving pre-made layouts we design some pages for you, you choose which ones you like and we populate them with your content and images. We also build your contact form and add essential pages such as a privacy policy. If you like the results we launch the website and show you how to update it.

as your business grows

You may be starting out with a website made from a handful of pages, but the core technology is there for adding just about anything you can imagine in the future. It could be a booking system, full ecommerce to sell products or services, a complete rebrand or just a few new pages, regardless, the foundation is in place for future growth and expansion.

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    • clear navigation
    • e commerce ready


    • update text
    • add images
    • add pages and blog posts
    • built in seo tools


    • sliders and banners
    • modern galleries
    • image effects
    • lightboxes


    • e commerce functionality
    • ongoing seo
    • logo design
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    Every website design we complete is responsive, so they look just as good on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Although we set up the fundamental SEO for you, we also install tools to help you to optimise the website yourself when you update or add new pages and blog posts.  Your small business website will also be e commerce ready should you want to add it in the future.  We offer full ecommerce web design too, so if that’s something you need from the outset please call us to discuss the options. Or if you want ongoing SEO services, we can also discuss that, again our rates are highly competitive.

    your first company website

    Our affordable web design services makes it possible for even the smallest companies or startups on a very tight budget, to have a professional looking internet presence with fully functioning contact forms which email the enquiries to you. While we don’t like to use the term “cheap web design” as the word cheap implies it’s not of high quality, we can in fact provide high quality cheap web design. How?

    Our budget websites are based on standard designs which we can tweak and customise, but they have all the things you would expect to see on a professional business site such as a clean professional design, images, simple navigation and best of all, you can log in yourself to make changes!

    The key thing is that they are completely scaleable! So new pages can easily be added as and when they are required.  Or if you need something more complex added in the future, such as ecommerce, you can call us and we’ll integrate it into your existing website, making it look and feel as if it was there right from the outset.

    We appreciate that a new business today could become a large customer in the future, so we make it as cost effective as possible for our smaller clients to get started. If we do a great job for you now, we hope that we’ll be your first port of call if you need to expand the website, start an SEO campaign or decide on a new look in the future, as many of our previous customers have done.

    our web design is simple yet looks highly professional

    Our web design for startups and small businesses consists of a “Home” page, “About Us”, a “Contact” page which will email enquiries straight to your inbox and a few pages about your products or services. We make sure you also include a privacy policy and any terms and conditions. You could also include FAQ’s, a blog, or various other page layouts. It really depends exactly what you want from your web design project, who your customers are and what they’ll expect to see when they arrive on your new website.

    we make websites load fastfast loading page on mobile device

    It’s becoming more and more important for your website to load quickly, both for the search engines and the user, particularly if they use mobile devices.  While many website designers seem to completely ignore this, each and every website design we do is optimised for fast loading. This example shows how quickly our own home page loads on a mobile phone.  Learn more about our WordPress site speed optimisation services.

    easily add news or product updates

    A blog is a fantastic way to tell the world more about your products and services through your new website. Having a blog means our clients can add new content to the website quickly and easily. It’s really simple and essentially the admin panel looks a lot like an old version of Microsoft Word, with many of the same features like adding headers, bold, italics or changing fonts, plus you can quickly add both images or videos to pages.  Then, when you press publish, that article is automatically added to the navigation too.

    built from the ground up for both search engines and end users

    While we wouldn’t have the time to engage in detailed keyword research and fully optimise the site for the low cost we charge for our affordable web design service in the same way we would for e commerce websites, or larger established companies.  We do make sure your new website has a solid foundation for future SEO, with unique titles, descriptions, fast page load times and importantly the right balance of text and no technical issues. All this guarantees that your new website has the best chance of being indexed thoroughly and appearing in front of your target audience on the search engine results pages.

    start off small with the ability to expand in the future

    Once your website design is live, you always have the option to expand on it yourself or with our help.  This could be a simple case of adding pages and blog posts, which you can easily do yourself through the CMS admin panel (don’t worry it’s a very small learning curve).  Or perhaps you want it to evolve into an ecommerce website with payment processing facilities, social media integration, or appointment booking options.  No problem, once we have your initial web design complete, we can expand on this further whenever you’re ready.

    While we will recommend you have the best web hosting (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be expensive), domain and website design initially, once built, we can easily upgrade our affordable web designs to include full online shopping experiences, because our web designers also build e commerce sites, so these kind of things are always at the back of our mind anyway. After all, if you can do something well, why do it any other way?

    we can usually have smaller sites complete in a month

    We don’t usually have a very long lead time for web design projects, so can usually get started soon after you send us the information we need. Once we have everything, the web design can usually be completed in a week or two. Please bear in mind, this will depend on our current workload, when we receive everything we need and that you don’t get too carried away adding lots of extra features.

    we work for clients across the uk, particularly in wiltshire

    Being based in Wiltshire, most of our clients are are relatively local, from Swindon, Trowbridge, Melksham, Marlborough and Salisbury, but we are more than happy to build websites for anyone thoughout the UK.

    Our affordable web design services start from under £500, so why not send an enquiry or speak to our website designers to discover how we can help with your new venture.