E Commerce Web Design

Providing SEO friendly E commerce websites, If you need an online shop, or want to build a shopping cart into an existing website we have the expertise to make it happen

We know that setting up an ecommerce site can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are from the type of industry which is traditionally not associated with the internet. Eco SEO can design, help populate and optimise an online shop for you, so you don’t miss out on additional revenue streams.  You can be sure that if you sell a product which can be physically shipped or downloaded, people are already buying it online, most likely from your competitors! With a growing trend towards online sales companies who don’t join the race now will be left behind.

Did you know that in the UK alone, online retail accounts for 24% of total retail spend, it’s now over £1Billion PA, this is only likely to increase (source Cap Gemini). Please don’t think this is just younger people either, The Institute for National Statistics confirmed that almost 70% of 55 – 69 year olds made online purchases in 2015. The most popular products we buy online in the UK are clothing and sporting products, household goods (from furniture to children’s toys), holidays and related services, event tickets, music, films, books and electronic equipment.

Online Shops

There are really two options for E commerce functionality, either you have a website built from the ground up using software designed for the purpose of online shopping such as Magento. Or you can have software integrated with an existing website, to add the features needed for an online shop, such as buy it now buttons, pricing tables, shipping and card payments.

Usually we would suggest having something built specifically to suit your needs on an E commerce platform as this often provides more flexibility and the scaleability needed if your shop really takes off.  However incorporating a shopping cart into a standard website can be a much more cost effective way of getting your foot on the ladder. As with all things in life and particularly technology, each option has it’s benefits and pitfalls. We can explain these in more detail to help you make the right decision from the outset.

The options available are almost as varied as our clients requirements, with products that have numerous variable options and associated pricing structures, discount codes, differing postage rates based on weight, destination or time frames (or all three!), and of course the aesthetics of the shop itself.

Update Your Own Products

Unlike websites built on older technologies, you don’t need to call a web developer and pay them every time you want to make a change.  With all our shopping sites, it’s paramount that not only does the customer find what they need as easily as possible, but also that the site owner is are able to make changes to product descriptions, pricing and add or remove products quickly and easily when they need to. All our shopping solutions offer this type of flexibility, so with just a little knowledge and some initial guidance this can be done by the client, without incurring additional costs.

Search Engine Friendly

There are a number of ways of attracting visitors to your website, these include pay per click campaigns such as Google Adwords, Google Shopping listings, traditional SEO and Social Media Campaigns. Whichever combination of these you decide to use, we will ensure that the whole site is structured and built in a way that will aid any of these methods should you decide to utilise them, either  now or in the future.

With fully functioning E commerce solutions starting from under £1000 what’s stopping you from getting in touch?