ECO SEO specialise in driving targeted traffic to our clients websites.

Looking for a local search engine optimisation specialist? We have been providing the best SEO Trowbridge has to offer since 2006.

While everyone would like to be at the top of the search engines, not every website can be. ECO SEO provide ethical SEO services, so that our clients websites earn the right to start appearing higher up in the major search engines. This leads to more website visitors, more enquiries or sales, ultimately improving the bottom line.

We are Wiltshire based and have worked with small to medium sized local businesses for in excess of 10 years.  Our client base includes a broad range of businesses throughout Wiltshire, each having their own specific requirements from their website. We do not offer a standard package which is applied to each customer regardless! All our SEO campaigns are tailored to suit each clients objectives. welcome to trowbridge

For example, a local plumber or electrician based close to town is often only interested in reaching relatively local customers, especially if they do emergency call-out work. However, a firm of solicitors would probably have a larger catchment area, whereas manufacturer will probably want new customers from across the UK, or even worldwide. When it comes to search engine optimisation, one size certainly does not fit all, that’s why our campaigns are tailored to every clients specific requirements, taking into consideration their objectives, their competition and their target market. Only this approach combined with following best practice will achieve long lasting results, which will in turn, deliver the best return on investment.

  • We work closely with our clients to reach their goals
  • Only a holistic approach can achieve great results
  • We understand and comply with search engine algorithms
  • All our campaigns are tailored to each clients objectives

Web Design

Whilst the core of our business is search engine optimisation, we do also provide our clients with web design, redesign and site updates. So many design factors have an impact on how a website will rank in search engines that we made the decision to offer this as a service in its own right. We approach web design very much from an SEO perspective, so whilst you will still have an attractive, functional website, including E-commerce if required, it will also include the appropriate signals to search engines. This will give it the best possible chance of appearing when people search for the services or products your business provides.

ECO SEO have many years experience with the following web development software:

  • WORDPRESS – The most popular CMS (and our favorite)
  • MAGENTO – Powerful e-commerce functionality
  • Joomla – CMS used for building web applications
  • DRUPAL – CMS often used for web development

Plus numerous other bespoke software systems and hand coded websites


The return on investment or ROI from an SEO campaign is all about the bottom line.  We improve and track positions in various search engines (both on PC and mobile devices), the number of visitors to the website and how many of those visitors act on what they have seen there, this could be a purchase or an enquiry. However ultimately you MUST track sales if you are anything other than an online shop.

Why not call us on 0800 0488832 to discuss how our SEO consultants can improve your websites performance, we will offer honest advice regarding what is realistic and in what time frames.  If you would like to progress we can usually start the initial research straight away, then you will likely start to see improvements within the first couple of months.


Many websites will look good to the site visitor, but not to the search engines. A key aspect of optimising a website is to make sure the code behind the pages looks good to the search engines too, whilst retaining the quality of page content and appearance for site visitors, this is known as on page optimisation. There may also be a high number of people leaving the site before the desired action has been completed, we can study visitor behaviour on the site and adapt page layouts and navigation to increase the number of people who complete the desired action.

The internet, or web, is exactly that, a web of sites. One site links to another, that one in turn links back out to others and so it goes on. Search engines each have their own “spiders” which constantly scan pages, see where they link to, follow those links and move on to the next site. Off page optimisation is about making sure that as many credible and thematically related websites as possible link back to yours. If this is not done correctly, the site in question could get a penalty and lose rankings. We only employ the most ethical methods and stay within Google’s own guidelines for building back-links, this is the only way to make sure our customers sites are listed in Google, Ask and Bing for the long term.


Unlike some other SEO agencies, you are not committed to stay with us for any fixed term. We do not charge hefty upfront fees. But probably most importantly you aren’t tied into a fixed term contract with us. We simply bill on a month by month basis, all we ask is that if you want us to start spending more or less time on your campaign, or want to stop completely, you let us know before your next invoice and we will adjust it for you accordingly.

We know we can get results, so we have no need to tie you in, if we are doing our job well, why would you want to stop working with us?