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web design & seo for training companies

While seo and web design are all round skills, we find that already having many years experience working in and with the training industry can prove beneficial

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web design & seo for training and education companies

Are you in the training industry? Looking for SEO services to improve your online visibility and attract new customers? ECO SEO can help, Not only are we experienced in optimising websites for training companies, but we also have experience working within the industry so already have an understanding of how training companies work and the challenges you face in attracting new business.

Over the years we’ve worked with a wide range of training organisations from technical training companies to soft skills, for vendors, resellers and independent businesses and spanning scheduled classroom courses, bespoke training projects and e-learning.

Perhaps you’re a startup business or new division of a larger company, or you may be an established training company who are finding the market becoming increasingly competitive? ECO SEO can help to increase your positions in the search engines for search terms and phrases used by people and businesses looking for courses and online training. Our expertise in optimising websites in your highly competitive industry sector makes us the obvious choice.

We do not work with lengthy fixed term contracts, just a rolling monthly agreement, we know we can offer you a justified ROI in a sensible time-frame, so we don’t need to tie you in, you’ll want to keep working with us once the results start to show so why would you stop the momentum once it’s begun?.

Why choose ECO SEO?

  • We have many years SEO experience and are up to date with all the latest techniques
  • Following best practice ensures your results will be there for the long term
  • We have achieved many 1st page and 1st position ranks for a wide variety of clients
  • Our clients can expect to see monthly increases in visitors to their website
  • We know you will be impressed, so we don’t need to tie you in to a lengthy contract
  • Our ethical approach to business means you’re keeping it green
  • We have worked both with and in the training industry, so have a unique advantage over many other SEO companies.

How we work

Once you’ve made contact, we will take a look at your website to identify any major technical issues which are holding you back, then look at your existing positions in search results for a selection of keywords, this gives us an idea of the starting point and your strengths and weaknesses in terms of online presence. We’ll also take a look at a couple of your main competitors to see how you compare to them so we have an idea how competitive your particular market is.

For highly competitive markets such as those offering Prince 2 or technical training courses for Microsoft or Sage and the like, where there are many companies offering scheduled classes, using the vendors course ware and often even the same instructors.  We find appropriate keywords and terms to target, then look at your USP’s to help carve out a highly targeted space on the internet to start attracting new customers as early as possible.  Of course, longer term we can also start to compete for the more generic terms too. But we will set realistic expectations so you’re not asking “why don’t I appear at the top of Google for Microsoft Training” by the second month.

If you are happy with what we propose the campaign will begin, SEO is a constantly evolving process of the technical aspects and improving the user experience.  It’s not just about your positions in organic search results, we also need to encourage users to click on your listing and find the information they are looking for, to increase the enquiries you receive or if you have an online booking system, to make more sales!

Return on Investment

Our policy with the ROI of an SEO campaign is simple, after a few months you should be receiving significantly more in additional sales than the campaign is costing you, it’s that simple! The beauty of organic search positions is that they will steadily increase, as opposed to pay per click campaigns, which, once your budget is spent, you’re back where you started again. They do have their place for achieving quick results, but we like to build a solid foundation to steadily improve organic results and traffic. Of course your sales cycle will affect how long this takes, so a project based training program  which has to be tendered for will clearly take much longer,  but in many cases the ROI can be justified in just a few months.

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