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While seo and web design are transferable skills, our existing experience in the hospitality and tourism industry is beneficial to our clients

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tourism seo and web design services

One of our fields of expertise is SEO for tourism, travel and hospitality, so if you operate in these sectors we can offer a tailored service which has proven to work for other companies similar to yours.

We are based in Wiltshire and specialise in technical WordPress SEO for SME’s, therefore our typical customer is a UK based WordPress user who operates within one of a few particular industries, tourism being one.

The tourism industry is said to account for almost 10% of UK jobs and a staggering 9% of UK GDP, this is forecast to rise according to a tourism industry report from Delloite! What this means in terms of internet visibility, is that your industry is increasingly competitive! Our know-how and expertise help you rise to the top and attract more customers.

SEO for tourism – who do we help?

We can help anyone from B&B’s, hotels, destinations and authors, through to transport companies, travel agents and in some cases, their supply chain. Our technical expertise working with WordPress combined with a tailored approach to digital marketing and proven methods for optimising our clients websites’ can equally be applied to any nice within the sector (that we have encountered so far at least!)

With so many tourists using the internet to research before a holiday, weekend break or just a day trip, having a well targeted internet presence is vital. The increases in smartphone capability, use and faster internet access over recent years means user behaviour has changed massively. People don’t just research and book before they leave, but also while they are away, making mobile search a key element (or arguably the most important part) of an SEO campaign.

Why choose eco seo?

Firstly, we’re experienced in providing SEO for tourism companies. You also found us in Google search, so that’s proof that we can achieve good positions in the search engines and encourage potential customers to click through to the target website.

We specialise in WordPress and WooCommerce based online shops. While there are many other systems out there, we believe WordPress is usually best for most SME’s and this is where our deep knowledge lies. We’ve also built some great booking systems with variable options and payments on the WordPress platform.

We appreciate that many of our clients know little about internet marketing, so we talk in plain English, not technical jargon. You will also receive monthly reports showing the results of the work completed on your website and comparisons with your main online competitors.

There is no long term contract which ties you in to a fixed time-frame, we know you’ll be impressed, so we don’t need to tie you in!  All of our clients SEO campaigns are based on a rolling monthly basis.

How do our tourism SEO services work?

It’s easy to get the ball rolling. First, get in touch and tell us what problems you currently have and what you’d like to achieve from an SEO campaign or web design. Then we’ll take a physical look at your website, we’ll also let our software analyse it, along with a few of your competitors, this will give us an idea what could be holding you back at the moment. We’ll do some initial keyword research and see where you’re all positioned in the search engine results for those phrases. This data will be enough for us to start visualising how the SEO campaign could work and prioritising the tasks in order of importance. Once we have a better idea of what’s required, we’ll will get back to you with suggestions of what can be achieved, the likely time frames and the pricing. If you’re happy with everything, we can usually start your work within days.

If you decide to go ahead we’ll get started with more comprehensive keyword research initially, this way we can make sure all work is targeted around the search terms that your potential customers actually use. We’ll also start fixing any technical issues, of course it’s possible that there aren’t any, but it’s quite rare, they can include visible site functionality that doesn’t work, improving site speed, adding schema markup, creating redirects and a myriad of other things which all contribute to your positions in search engines. 

We may also need to work with you to create entire pages or repurpose existing ones, typically if we are targeting particularly difficult terms and you don’t already have suitable pages. We may need to create or improve your blog, there could be back link outreach or conversion rate optimisation, in addition to the more typical on page optimisation tasks.

Once we’ve started your tourism SEO services, you’ll start to see steady improvements in your search engine positions. This in turn provides increasing numbers of site visitors who can be converted into customers. Therefore it becomes easily justifying the cost of the campaign, this is why we don’t tie you in to a fixed term contract.

We can track the users behavior once on your site and identify which pages are working for you and which aren’t, over time we can refine pages to increase the number of clicks which convert into sales, typically by funneling users to your enquiry form or in the case of an eCommerce site, to the pages where they can click “buy it now”.

In addition we can use social media and the 3rd party websites people use to research and book, to drive additional traffic to your website, the great thing about tourism and the way people research before hand, means we have multiple additional channels to attract your prospective customers.

The ROI for Tourism SEO

Our objective is to deliver an outstanding return on investment.  If you receive substantially more new sales through your website than the SEO campaign is costing, it’s a win win for both of us. This is why many of our clients have been with us for years.

All we ask is that you track the number of new customers who found you through the website, the one thing we can’t see is how many people picked the phone up and called you, so it’s vital that you keep track of those too, in some areas of tourism, such as camp sites this can account for a huge number of enquiries and bookings.

Why not call us on 0800 0488832 or send an enquiry so we can call you back. We offer technical WordPress SEO services for all types of tourism and travel related sites, from travel agents and airport parking to local tourist websites, hotels and B&B’s.

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