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wordpress website speed service

We make WordPress lightning fast

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 making WordPress websites faster since 2006

Our WordPress speed optimisation service has been developed around many years experience working with WordPress.  Unfortunately our clients are often told by their web designer “that’s as fast as it can get” when the speed and core web vitals are clearly well under par.  Sometimes they are only shown the desktop speed (which to be honest is easy) while the mobile speed lags well behind. Without changing the appearance of the site, we consistently prove them wrong.

  • Highly competitive rates

  • e commerce, websites and blogs

  • Achieving Core Web Vitals on mobile and desktop

  • WordPress SEO specialists

why is website speed important?

page speed has been a factor in search engine results for a couple of years already, but early last year Google said it would become even more important in future. They have since announced that their Core Web Vitals will be a major factor in speed evaluation from May 2021.  At the time of writing there are six metrics, they are: First contentful paint, speed index, largest contentful paint, Time to interactive, total blocking time and cumulative layout shift.

We consider this to be a good update because it focuses around the user experience i.e. websites loading quickly regardless what device the end user views them on.  When this becomes a key factor in search result positions in May 2021 there will be winners and losers, we want our customers to be in the winning camp.

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before we get into the detail, here are a few examples:

eco seo

Pagespeed Insights Desktop Result

Pagespeed Insights Mobile Result

Mobile Result

JC Fuel Polishing

Pagespeed Insights Desktop Result

Pagespeed Insights Mobile Result

Mobile Result


Pagespeed Insights Desktop Result

Pagespeed Insights Mobile Result

Mobile Result

Goodnature UK

Pagespeed Insights Desktop Result

Pagespeed Insights Mobile Result

Mobile Result

an example of a happy client

A local specialist tree nursery has a website which is very image heavy, with galleries on most pages and lengthy, high quality videos which run on page load on several pages, including the home page.

Whilst it would obviously be faster without the video and quite so many images, the home page score on both Mobile and desktop is better than 90 on Pagespeed Insights, with most other pages being similar

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can i make my wordpress website faster myself?

In a word yes!  There’s nothing stopping anyone from accessing the tools we use, in fact, many of them, particularly the testing sites are free to use.  There are others which we pay for, but there are alternatives which are almost as good which are free. In fact, we’ll even show you which ones they are in the examples above.

The main factor is time though.  You’d need to learn how to use the various tools, that’s configuring them and understanding the data, along with learning what impacts the core web vitals.  Then you need to know what to do if the more obvious solution didn’t work, or worse, breaks your website.  We’ve been using these tools for years and know where to go to fix particular issues. There are hundreds or  thousands of hours of learning and practical experience which has gone into our depth of knowledge and understanding what slows websites down and how to fix it. 

With our speed services starting at under £200, why not just use our experience and save yourself the time and frustration of trying to do it yourself?

some of the fixes we typically apply when making wordpress faster

  • CSS omission, minification, combining and reordering
  • JavaScript omission, minification, combining and reordering
  • Delay and defer JavaScript
  • Content Delivery Network setup and configuration
  • Image compression and format changes to Webp
  • Image and Video lazy load set up
  • Preloading
  • Database cleanup and optimisation
  • Hosting tweaks or recommend changes if required

If you don’t understand the tasks listed above that’s fine, just leave it to us.  These are just overviews of the various tasks often required, not all of these will be necessary for every website and results are dependent on the speed of your hosting.

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