Improved Visitor Conversion Rates

Many websites which have been around for a while may already have a relatively high number of visitors, unfortunately those visitors may not complete your enquiry form, sign up to your newsletter or buy anything. This does not need to be a problem, we can tweak the content of your pages to encourage them to do so.

To be fair, it’s more likely that a website which hasn’t been properly optimised isn’t even receiving this traffic to start with. Either way, optimising conversions is an essential element of any internet marketing or seo campaign. Without visitors completing an action when they reach your site, they may as well not be there at all.

How it’s done

We can analyze the behaviour of your site visitors, to understand which pages they are finding initially, then which pages they go to while they are on your website and on which page they leave.

This information is invaluable for understanding why they did not complete the desired action, it could be that it simply was not obvious what you wanted them to do and why they should do it, or perhaps the link to your shop or enquiry page is not clear. We make sure that our clients websites are refined to provide every possibility for the required actions to be completed.

If you would like to discuss our full range of SEO services please call on 0800 0488832. Please be aware that you need to have a reasonable number of site visitors before we can focus on conversions, because we need to look at good averages of user behaviour, just because a few people completed an action from a given version of a page, doesn’t necessarily mean others will, whereas if a few hundred did, then we can start to follow these trends.

Of course if you don’t have the traffic yet, then still get in touch and we can discuss how we can improve that first.