ECO SEO are Experienced in Optimising a Wide Range of Content Management Systems.

But first lets establish what it is and why we’d use one….

What is a content management system?

In simple terms, a content management system is software installed on a web server which allows a user or web designer to create, store and deliver digital content over the internet. They allow for colaborative working and there is an enormous range of free and paid plugins, extensions and themes available which can be installed to enable a website to do virtually anything you could ever wish for.

Most of the popular ones are open source, so the main CMS is free to download, install and use. Their indexing usually allows for intuitive navigation, so a specific page or article may be reached by date, title, tags, category or author, or indeed all of them.

Why Build a Website using a CMS?

Firstly the user is able to access the admin panel to add pages, posts, add or change pictures and all without having to see, let alone understand, a single line of code. Also because it’s database driven, changes can usually be made in a single place which will make a global change, for example changing the title of a menu item is immediately reflected on every page across the website. It also means from a design aspect, we can build a site knowing all pages will render properly and future changes and updates are kept relatively simple.

The Modern Way to Develp Websites

Very few web designers or agencies hand code websites these days, we tend to use a content management system (CMS). These provide a framework in which the website can be developed. The most popular being WordPress, although there are numerous others. Some other names you may have heard of are Magento, Joomla and Drupal.

Here at ECO SEO we have been working with these for many years providing SEO services to clients with websites built on these technologies. We also provide web design and ecommerce for both wordpress and Magento. Each having its own distinct advantages depending on the clients specific requirements.


ECO SEO have many years experience optimising websites built with the following software
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The most popular CMS and our favourite
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Powerful e-commerce system


CMS used for building web applications
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Another CMS often used for web development

plus several bespoke software systems and hand coded websites

Having worked with these and many other lesser known systems over the years, we have already done much of the research involved in optimising a CMS. If your site is slow, we know exactly which plugins are best suited to particular size and style of sites and how to configure them for optimum results.  Do you want to add a new feature to your website? It could be something as simple as a lightbox for image display or adding a fancy navigation, or as complex as adding eCommerce functionality or an entire directory system. We’ve done this before, installed, configured and optimised them. Why not let us do the same for your website?

Widely Supported

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