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How do I Find Out what Google Knows about ME?

Pretty much everyone uses Google, from our Gmail accounts and browsing behaviour through to Calendars, Contacts, Youtube and Photographs there is a lot of data they potentially hold on you, me and all the other Google users around the world. Whilst this is generally beneficial for everyone involved, such as delivering tailored SERP’s and providing

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hummingbird in flight

Hummingbird Google Update

New Major Google Ranking Algorithm Update – Hummingbird On Thursday 26th September 2013, Amit Singhal, Googles VP of search announced what could potentially be a game changer in the world of serach, Hummingbird. This is the third significant update in recent years along with Panda which proactively took pages out of the index which had

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ping pong

What is a Pingback in WordPress

And what do I do with them ? This is a question I’ve been asked a few times recently, sometimes just from friends who have their own WordPress blog, but also from a couple of clients who have recently started blogging. I’m a big advocate of WordPress, (hence having written about it on several occasions,

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from the horses mouth

What will Google Change in 2013?

From the Horses Mouth as it Were I just found this new video from Google’s Matt Cutts, it was released in May this year and he talks about what Google is likely to do this year, he does start off by saying that plans are constantly evolving, so it could change, but certain things like

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Caution on Adwords Keyword Tool Data

Just a quick one today. I’ve had a couple of people recently ask me about the accuracy of the Google Adwords Keyword tool data, and while I couldn’t possibly comment on it’s technical accuracy myself, I would be quite surprised if Google made a tool like this available to us but then fed inaccurate information

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2013 Penguin Update

Warning – Major Google Update On the Way (Again!) I’m going to start off with an apology today, as it seems that it’s impossible to write a post these days without the mention of a Google update, either the fallout or implications usually, but today it’s about preempting one which hasn’t even happened yet! Ever

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New Major Update?

Is Google rolling out another Update ? There has been quite a bit of talk just recently about another major update happening, it’s yet to be confirmed, however there is a theory that it all relates back to a big linking network being penalised. Over in Russia there is a link network (SAPE) which is

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Site-wide Backlinks

How does Google view site-wide backlinks? This is a question which comes up time and time again, both from customers, friends (who ask me a lot of questions!) and on the internet forums. While we’ve always had a pretty good idea, Google’s Matt Cutts has produced a couple of videos which explain it in simple

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SEO What’s New For 2013?

The Short Answer is There are No “Tricks” For years people have been looking for the quick fix to achieve top search engine results, some worked for a while, some worked, most very briefly but if the technique in question was leaning heavily towards the dark side, the benefits have almost certainly been wiped out

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