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providing WordPress SEO services & web design in Chippenham since 2006.  Our technical understanding and years of experience delivers well optimised websites that convert.

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You’re probably here because you want to improve your positions in Googles search engine results pages, to increase ecommerce sales or to generate new business enquiries.  We’re WordPress SEO experts who help our clients to be the first thing their potential customers see when searching for relevant keyword terms in the search engines.

After working out why you don’t currently rank, we devise an SEO strategy which is tailored around your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors. Once you’re achieving good results and people are clicking through we also optimise their journey through the website to encourage actions.

Our web design services are focused around core SEO principles, so every site we create is aesthetically pleasing, functional and seo friendly.

We’re a Wiltshire based digital agency, focused on our clients return on investment. Discover how we can improve your online brand awareness and bottom line.


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we are wordpress seo experts

WordPress was released in 2003, we started using it a couple of years later once the functionality had been enhanced and have never looked back. Almost half the worlds websites run WordPress  and of all the CMS sites, WordPress runs over 60% at the time of writing (2023) and that figure is set to increase.  So if you don’t know what platform your website is on, there’s a very good chance it is WordPress.

Over the years, we’ve not only mastered the core functionality, but also learnt which themes and plugins provide the best functionality for things like SEO, speed, ecommerce, booking systems, galleries and just about anything else you can think of.

We provide seo services and create beautiful web experiences using WordPress.

seo agency chippenham

If you’re looking for a local digital marketing agency who provide high quality WordPress SEO services, we would love to speak with you.  Here at eco seo we stay up to date with the latest SEO software, internet technology, algorithm updates and best practice. It’s this, combined with many years experience delivering SEO services which enables us to deliver campaigns which identify short-term wins and target sustainable long term growth.

We take the time to understand your business, your competition and your objectives so we can apply the best strategy to improve your online presence, drive traffic, increase clicks and encourage the desired action, to achieve your online business goals.

tailored seo services

We don’t provide off the peg seo packages because every client is different. All our SEO services are bespoke.  We initially do a complete site audit, keyword research and competitor analysis, to determine the best approach. This, in combination with the business owners objectives and budget forms the basis of the campaign.

The first task is often to resolve any technical issues, this can be as simple as reducing image sizes or adding schema, or be more complex, like solving software conflicts or badly coded themes.  Then keyword research can identify opportunities which you may not have previously considered, while analysis of existing traffic will inform us which keywords are driving results, keyword research is constantly refined throughout the campaign. 

Content marketing and social media can become another steady source of new site visitors and selective backlink acquisition helps to strengthen the authority of your domain.

You can probably understand why a standard search engine optimisation package just wouldn’t offer the specific ability to do any of this! Contact us today to discuss the options.

web design chippenham

chippenham website design

Our web design differs from the other web designers out there. We are SEO consultants first and build every website around core seo principles. Of course you’ll get an aesthetically pleasing web design from us, but you’ll also have it built around SEO.  While this may not be something you’ve considered, or you may not plan to optimise the site anyway, it means your website is error free and fast loading, plus, should you decide to optimise it in the future you’ll have a sound foundation to work from.  It doesn’t cost any more to do it right from the outset, so having the skills to do it, why wouldn’t we?

 Our standard web design services. are perfect for most clients who want a static website like this one.  However we also offer seo friendly ecommerce web design and even a special startup web design too. For all of them, we do keyword research before the design, meaning fast loading video websitewe can structure the site, navigation and URL’s correctly from the outset. It also allows us to build it using the right software to ensure it loads quickly, is feature rich and error free.

Our web design packages can include everything you’d expect, from online shopping functionality, blogs, social media integration, stunning galleries and video. In fact here’s an example of a web design we did for a local business a couple of years ago, it loads very quickly and ranks well in the search engines.

For web design we like to offer clients a fixed cost, so once everything is decided, we’ll provide a fixed quote. If you don’t add to this during the design phase that’s the price you’ll pay on completion. So if you’re looking for a local web designer, why not give us a call?

about us and costs

a local seo agency

We’re an SEO agency based in the peace of the Wiltshire countryside, between Marlborough and Devizes. We deliver tailored SEO services to companies in Wiltshire who understand the importance of search engine optimisation and the positive impact it can have on the success of the company. We also offer web design and development of ecommerce stores which are SEO friendly too. More about eco seo.

who we work with

Over the years, we’ve worked with a diverse range of SEO clients providing SEO services and web design to industries as diverse as retail, horticulture, software, training and construction, we even provided SEO services to a pop band once.

We provide each and every client with what we believe to be, the best SEO Chippenham has to offer. We build lasting relationships and are regularly recommended by the clients who use us, many of whom have become friends over the years.

smaller budget? no problem!

Smaller marketing budgets can usually be accommodated, it just means the work and SEO results will take a bit longer.  We have beaten much larger companies with much larger budgets, time and time again!

There is no fixed term contract, or initial setup fee. Our SEO services just run on an ongoing monthly basis, so you can cancel at any time should you decide to. Of course, once we start proving our ability and this translates to increased traffic, enquiries and sales, why wouldn’t you keep using us as your SEO company anyway! It’s a win – win situation, so if you’re searching for a competent SEO agency or web designer, why not give us a call?

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You can call us on 0800 048 8832 or send a message through our contact form and we'll get back to you

    further information about our services

    why choose eco seo?

    • We’re a Wiltshire SEO agency
    • We’ve been working with businesses in and around Wiltshire since 2006.
    • Your digital marketing strategy will be tailored and constantly evolving
    • Our track record is second to none.
    • Our clients websites have experienced first page and first place search engine positions for numerous terms.
    • Want us to pop in? No problem, we’re not far away.
    • We keep abreast of algorithm updates so we can react quickly to changes.
    • eco seo is an environmentally friendly business.

    how we optimise your website

    getting the ball rolling

    Upon initial contact we will take a look at your site, it’s positions in search and your competition, this is usually enough to have a conversation with you where we can marry these up with your objectives, propose a search engine optimisation campaign and of course, provide pricing. When a new client gives us the go ahead, we start off with a thorough seo audit to identify any technical issues with the website itself, we also begin keyword research to establish how your existing customers are finding your website and identify any missed opportunities, as there are undoubtedly many potential customers who are simply not finding your website at all because you aren’t appearing for all the right search terms.

    now, let’s get on with it

    Once clear objectives have been agreed with the business owners and we have a plan in place, implementation of the seo campaign can begin. We usually undertake the required tasks, but on occasion have advised in-house or third party web developers on how to optimise key factors on your landing pages to make them search engine friendly. We can also advise on content marketing and social media, we believe content is best written by employees of the client company, due to their understanding of the companies offering, we then optimise and publish the content marketing articles for you.  Whilst this is providing some initial improvements, the off-page work strengthens the theme and authority of your website, this makes significant improvements to your search engine rankings.

    refining the campaign

    When your website is appearing in the search engines and getting more traffic to your website, we can focus on guiding the user to complete an action. This may involve testing different page layouts and text, to encourage visitors to complete the desired action, such as sending an enquiry, subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase. All you have to do is manage the enquiries or process the orders.


    As a professional SEO agency, we use a wide variety of professional industry software, Google Analytics and Search Console to help us to identify and apply the most effective search engine optimisation seo techniques for your website. We also provide regular reports so you can see how our seo specialists are progressing with your digital marketing campaign each month.

    the return on investment from internet marketing services

    We will track your improved positions in the search engines, the changes we implement will directly reflect the increase in visitors to your site and how they have behaved once on there. All you need to do is keep track of telephone enquiries and sales as this is the one thing we won’t be able to see.

    If you are receiving more business as a result of the campaign than it’s costing you that’s your ROI. We aim to achieve this for you as quickly as possible, so you want to keep using us. We don’t tie customers in to a contract, our search engine optimisation campaigns run on a rolling monthly basis, so you could cancel at any time, therefore it’s in our best interest to make your website perform for you, to create a win win situation!

    Why not get in touch to discuss what kind of return you would like from your website, we will advise as to what is realistic and in what timeframe along with appropriate costs, then if you would like to progress we can begin the initial research work almost immediately.

    Being close to Chippenham the vast majority of our seo clients are based in the surrounding area, however because the work we undertake can be based on achieving national search engine results we can work with clients from all over the UK. If you are looking for an online marketing agency who can devise a professional, effective SEO strategy, why not speak to our SEO experts for the best SEO Chippenham has to offer?

    what do our seo campaigns cost?

    The price of our SEO services vary. Once we’ve taken a look at your website we can advise how much time is likely to be required to have an impact and reach your goals. We bill on a simple and competitive daily rate and only ask that if you want to increase, or decrease the time we spend on your campaign that you let us know by the monthly billing anniversary so we can plan our time accordingly.

    Our services are billed monthly and you are not tied in to a lengthy contract.

    Looking for a great local SEO company? Why not get in touch, so we can give you a competitive quote for our Chippenham SEO services.

    Of course, we aren’t just restricted to Chippenham and the surrounding area, we also provide seo in swindon, Trowbridge and throughout Wiltshire.

    “It’s the level of customer service and how quickly you action things that makes you stand out from previous SEO companies I’ve used”