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while seo and web design are transferable skills, we enjoy working with businesses who are aware of their environmental impact too.

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A Wiltshire based digital agency since 2006.  We’re focused on our clients return on investment through sustainable web design and SEO campaigns. We’ve worked with a diverse range of companies from water saving and wildlife protection to a holistic health centre. Discover how we can improve your online brand awareness and bottom line.

Being environmentally conscious ourselves, we love working with like minded businesses, providing SEO services, web design and ecommerce development.

We are WordPress experts and it’s been our preferred CMS for web design and seo projects since we first started, which wasn’t long after WordPress was first released.

eco friendly web agency

Our services are broadly split into web design including ecommerce and search engine optimisation.  We were technical SEO specialists first, so every website we develop is built around core SEO principles, providing our clients with an error free, solid foundation for optimisation either now or in the future.

Our eco friendly web design projects put people and planet first. Our web design respects the principles of the Sustainable Web Manifesto: clean, efficient, open, honest, regenerative, and resilient. We use web hosting providers who are reducing C0s emissions from their data centres through renewable energy, so you know your web server isn’t contributing to the climate emergency.

eco friendly web design projects

Your website is fundamental to your success. A powerful online presence can strengthen your brand. A site which is slow, broken or poorly designed will drive customers away. Our sustainable web design projects generate leads and sales.

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We optimise your website to achieve better rankings in the search engines, which encourages clicks and then steer your potential customers to buy products or send an enquiry.

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why work with us?

We’ve been in the SEO industry since 2006 and building websites soon after, working with numerous clients from a wide range of industries.  We’ve improved the ranks of thousands of keywords which attract your potential customers, resulting in increased enquiries and sales.

We not only run our own business on an ethical basis, but also use ethical techniques to achieve results for our clients.  Google is becoming increasingly tough on those who don’t play by the rules, we do, that’s why the websites we build and our SEO campaigns go from strength to strength.

Our contract works in your favour. For web design projects we’ll agree a fixed price and stick to it, assuming you don’t move the goalposts half way through. For SEO we don’t tie you in to a contract, ever!  Our services speak for themselves, so there is no need to tie you in.

Being a small business, just like most of our clients, we understand the pressures on a small business.  Because of this we are able to react quickly to change, be that with Google, your own business or even what a competitor is getting up to.

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You can call us on 0800 048 8832 or send a message through our contact form and we'll get back to you

    web design and seo for eco friendly businesses

    If you decide to work with us, you are not tied in to an extended contract, we bill SEO on a rolling monthly basis and you could give us notice at any point to stop at any point. Our objective with any campaign is to provide a justifiable ROI to our clients in as shorter time frame as possible, so there is no need to tie anyone in to a contract.

    Likewise, our eco friendly website design services mean that we give you a fixed price for the job, then assuming you don’t want to change anything along the way, that’s the figure you pay.

    If you care about your businesses carbon footprint, provide eco-friendly products or materials, operate in the recycling industry, manufacture or supply organic non-animal tested cosmetics or ethically traded products, why not call eco seo? We will provide the very best in search engine optimisation for your business, together we can get the green message out there and increase your sales, it’s a win/win situation!

    if you’re not already convinced, here’s a bit more info about our web design and seo

    a few good reasons to engage
    • Over the years we have refined ethical techniques which get results.ecommerce shopping cart
    • All of our clients are enjoying improved ranks and positions in the search engines.
    • Our clients see steady increases in visitors to their website and increased sales.
    • We don’t tie you in to a contract as we’re confident you’ll be impressed anyway.
    • You can be confident that our environmental impact complements your own ethics.
    • We only use ethical suppliers wherever possible.
    • Our carbon footprint is minimal to reduce our impact on the environment
    using the fastest ethical web hosting

    We used to always recommend specific web hosting providers based on their approach to climate change, they weren’t necessarily the best or had the fastest data centres but it didn’t really matter. Fast forward 10 or so years and now the search engines place a lot of emphasis on site speed, so now it does.

    We keep an eye on various hosting companies, but for the last few years we’ve been recommending Siteground to both web design and SEO clients.

    While they don’t advertise themselves as being sustainable web hosting providers, we feel that they actually are. They reduce their carbon emissions across the board and encourage a climate positive workforce.  Team members have access to electric transportation and they’ve banned plastic bottles and water coolers and they’ve been involved in planting trees for years. Read more about their achievements here.

    working with ethical businesses

    Unfortunately just because your business trades using ethical practices or supplies green and eco friendly products and services, doesn’t mean you get an easy ride to the top of the search engines (even though they are often referred to as the organic listings). The fact that you have found this page means you are probably looking for help, advice or to to outsource your SEO, so read on as we’re confident that we can help, and we appreciate the opportunity to prove that we really do know our stuff!

    If you’ve somehow found this page and you’re not already an eco conscious business, then read on, we provide our services to everyone (with some particularly destructive exceptions), in fact, it could be a companies first small step towards becoming that little bit more eco-friendly and we’d love to come along for the ride!

    Please don’t think there are additional costs associated with our services just because we’re green.  Our office power is generated by solar, we minimise travel and don’t spend money on stationary, in fact because of this, we provide some of the most cost effective SEO services in the area.

    our seo for green industry businesses

    Upon first contact we discuss what you want from your website and an SEO campaign, both in the short and long term.  Once we have a better idea what you want we’ll do some initial research around your website and your main competitors, then we’ll come back to you to discuss it in more detail.

    We will not make any unrealistic promises, we aim to give a realistic idea of what can be achieved, and set your expectations at a realistic level. For example if you have a brand new website and operate in a high value or highly competitive niche with very well established competitors (in terms of online presence), it would be pointless to start off targeting the main terms. So in this situation we would work with your USP’s or unique offering to find your space in the market and in turn, on the internet. Of course if you have an innovative new product this is infinitely easier to optimise for, the trick is making people aware that it exists.

    Once we’ve established what you want, we have a framework of how to achieve it and you’ve made the decision to commence with a full campaign, we can begin to drill down with our research and start optimising! We constantly refine the campaign, to not just to improve your ranks, but also to encourage people to click onto your website and then find the pages you want them to. In turn this results in enquiries, or orders through your Ecommerce website, if you have one.

    Return on Investment
    Quite simply, you need to be making more money from the campaign than the SEO services are costing, as soon as possible. Because we don’t tie you into a contract, we do our utmost to achieve this as quickly as possible, so why would you stop?

    our credentials

    In terms of our own business; eco seo.  We care about climate change and strive to negate our carbon footprint, so the office runs on renewable energy and we use low power IT infrastructure and LED lighting throughout to minimise energy consumption. We are virtually paperless and send all reports, invoices and correspondence electronically, we recycle everything possible and next on our to do list is to invest in a wind turbine by the end of the summer.  This will top up the power generated by our solar array in the depths of our British winters, when the solar panels can struggle to provide the electricity we need to run the office.

    We avoid working with businesses which we consider to be destructive, that’s not to say we won’t work with a local builder (although we prefer ones who are conscious of their carbon emissions), but we certainly wouldn’t work for a developer who builds on the green belt.  It would be nice if we could work exclusively with other ethical companies, but we are a business and need to stay in business ourselves to keep doing our good work.

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