Environmentally Friendly SEO

Being an eco-friendly business ourselves we often work with other environmentally friendly businesses, providing SEO services and web design.

Unfortunately just because your business trades using ethical practices or supplies green and eco friendly products and services, doesn’t mean you get an easy ride to the top of the search engines (even though they are often referred to as the organic listings). The fact that you have found this page means you are probably looking for help, advice or to to outsource your SEO, so read on as we’re confident that we can help, and we appreciate the opportunity to prove that we really do know our stuff!

If you’ve somehow found this page and you’re not already an eco conscious business, then read on, we do offer our services to everyone (with a few particularly destructive exceptions), in fact, it could be companies first small step towards becoming that little bit more eco-friendly! Also, there is no additional cost associated with our services as our power is generated by solar, which offsets any additional costs we have, in fact, we are a lot cheaper than many seo agencies.

If you provide eco-friendly products or materials, operate in the recycling industry or manufacture or supply organic non-animal tested cosmetics, why not call ECO SEO? We will provide the very best in search engine optimisation for your business, together we can get the green message out there and increase your sales, it really is a win/win situation!

If you decide to engage us, you are not tied in to an extended contract, we bill on a monthly basis and you could give us notice at any point to stop the following month, . Our objective with any campaign is to provide a justifiable ROI to our clients in as shorter time frame as possible, so there is no need to tie anyone in to a contract.

Why chose to work with us ?

  • Over the years we have refined ethical techniques which get results.
  • All of our clients are enjoying improved ranks and positions in the search engines.
  • Our clients see steady increases in visitors to their website and increased sales.
  • We don’t tie you in to a contract as we know you will be impressed anyway.
    As an eco friendly business you can be sure that our practices complement your own ethics.
  • Preferential rates for like minded companies.
  • We only use ethical suppliers wherever possible.

The ECO SEO Process

Upon first contact we discuss what you want from your website and an SEO campaign, both in the short and long term.  Once we have a better idea what you want we’ll do some initial research around your website and your main competitors, then we’ll come back to you to discuss it in more detail.

We will not make any unrealistic promises, we aim to give a realistic idea of what can be achieved, and set your expectations at a realistic level. For example if you have a brand new website and operate in a high value or highly competitive niche with very well established competitors (in terms of online presence), it would be pointless to start off targeting the main terms. So in this situation we would work with your USP’s or unique offering to find your space in the market and in turn, on the internet. Of course if you have an innovative new product this is infinitely easier to optimise for, the trick is making people aware that it exists.

Once we’ve established what you want, we have a framework of how to achieve it and you’ve made the decision to commence with a full campaign, we can begin to driill down with our research and start optimising! We constantly refine the campaign, to not just to improve your ranks, but also to encourage people to click onto your website and then find the pages you want them to. In turn this results in enquiries, or orders through your Ecommerce website, if you have one.

Return on Investment
Quite simply, you need to be making more money from the campaign than the SEO services are costing, as soon as possible. Because we don’t tie you into a contract, we do our utmost to achieve this as quickly as possible, so why would you stop?

So what does environmentally friendly mean?

In terms of ECO SEO, the office is solar powered with LED lighting throughout, we are virtually paperless and send all reports, invoices and correspondence electronically, we recycle as much as possible and next on our to do list is to invest in a wind turbine by the end of the summer.  This will top up the power in the depths of our British winters when the solar panels can struggle to provide the electricity we need to run the office.