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There are a number of factors which are off of your website pages which will directly impact your positions in the search engines results pages. Some of these are outside your control, such as domain age, this is relevant because Google, for example, trusts older websites more than newer ones, so therefore rewards them with improved search positions.

Optimising for Google has become increasingly complex, particularly over the last few years, so extreme care must be taken when optimising factors which are off the page to prevent a penalty being applied.

There are however a number of factors which can be influenced, these include where else you are mentioned across the internet and most importantly, the other sites which link back to your site and exactly how they do so.

The quality, number and relevance of links back to your site is the thing which will make or break the success of a website. Each client will have their own specific objectives, so the process of building links is unique to each client and adapted to the industry within which they operate.

There are a number of techniques which used to work in the past, but have since become obsolete, these include mass directory submissions, blog comments, forum signature links and article marketing. That’s not to say that all of them should be completely ignored, as in some cases they can still be a good source of traffic and when done correctly there are still examples of them which can still be considered a good link. But in general and especially when used on mass, these techniques have now been superseded using social media and encouraging other webmasters to link to your content due to offering information and resources which could be of benefit to their own site visitors.

Getting the back link aspect of an SEO campaign right can not be emphasised strongly enough, there are many website owners who have paid inexperienced SEO’s or bought cheap link building packages and suffered the consequences. If it has not been done right they may have initially seen some increases, but as Google rolls out new updates and refines their ranking algorithm they are almost always caught out and their website positions have gone down, or even had the website banned from the results altogether, not always immediately, but often within a few months of having the links built.

Only having the correct range of diverse but targeted links pointing towards your sites pages, based on the site name, url and keywords originally researched, done carefully and working together with the on page factors, this will increase your search positions, visitor levels and sales.

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