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seo and web design for tech companies

While seo and web design are all round skills, we find that already having knowledge of software and technology companies can prove beneficial

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web design and seo for software and technology companies

If you operate in the technology sector and your website needs to be found in the search engines we can help, our experience in this sector enables us to achieve impressive results for software, hardware and service based companies.

Not only are we experienced in providing SEO for it companies but also have a history working within the industry itself before SEO ever really existed, specifically software and technical training.

This combined experience positions us ideally to help improve your presence on the internet, attract new customers and make more sales. This could be through newsletter signups, enquiry forms, telephone enquiries or online sales through an online shop.

We will research your niche, then target specific keywords and terms, this increases your visibility in the search engines, which in turn will drive more of the right visitors to the site, this will result in more sales and/or enquiries. Being UK based we communicate results in plain English and substantiate them with clear reports.


Improvements in Google

The graph shows the steady progression in ranked positions in Google for a given set of keywords over 2 years.

eco seo before and after wordpress speed optimisation


Site Load Times

This graph shows how we reduced the load time of a website, an increasingly important factor in ranking well.

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You can call us on 0800 048 8832 or send a message through our contact form and we'll get back to you

    • We’ve been working with companies like yours since 2006
    • It’s likely that we already know about your niche industry
    • We are highly experienced in developing our clients search engine ranks
    • We achieve steady improvements for I.T. and software related keywords
    • No contract, we know you will be impressed so we don’t need to tie you in
    • Our eco-friendly approach means we achieve results ethically too.

    When you initially contact us we will establish what your objectives are from the campaign and who your main competitors are, we then take a look at your current search positions compared to theirs for a few of your most important search queries. We will also take a look over your website (we don’t need access to the back end or any passwords at this stage) to identify any potential problems which could be holding you back, these are generally technical issues, website speed or content related. This gives us enough information to get back to you to discuss realistic expectations and provide pricing.

    If everything is within budget and you decide to progress, we can begin work. Depending what we found and how easily it’s fixed, you could start to see improvements in a couple of weeks.

    As things progress and depending on the size and structure of the site we may make suggestions of new pages to target specific terms or how the navigation could be improved to improve the user experience, but rest assured that anything which is visible on the website will be discussed and agreed before it’s implemented.

    Simply increasing the clicks through to your site is often just the beginning, we also track the visitors behavior once on there, this enables us to determine any pages which are not performing and therefore need updating to achieve the desired effect, this is an ongoing process.

    Justifying the cost of a search engine optimisation campaign is fairly straight forward compared to many other forms of marketing.  You benchmark the volume of business being created from your website before we begin (hopefully you’re already doing this anyway), then continually monitor it moving forward.  Before too long you should be able to attribute the increase to the online marketing campaign and find that you are receiving more enquiries (for products and solutions with a long sales cycle) or simply making more sales. It’s that simple and this type of return is why our customers chose to stay with us.

    If you are in the IT sector, including software developers, resellers, hardware manufacturers, partners or service companies and need SEO services, eco seo have the industry experience to make the internet deliver for you.