What will Google Change in 2013?

From the Horses Mouth as it Were

I just found this new video from Google’s Matt Cutts, it was released in May this year and he talks about what Google is likely to do this year, he does start off by saying that plans are constantly evolving, so it could change, but certain things like the upcoming Penguin update which they call Penguin 2.0 are very unlikely to change, he also says this is going to be a significant update and probably will have a bigger impact than the previous one!

He also mentions a clamp down on advertising which passes PR, and says that any kind of paid advertising shouldn’t allow PR to flow to the client site, something we’ve all been aware of for a long time, surely these are really just paid links, but it sounds like they plan to tighten up on these too.

Next he mentions a new algorithm to filter out even more link spam, I can only guess that he means comment spam, articles and low quality directories here, but if this is what you’ve been using to rank in the past you could be in for a shock in 2013.
Something useful which he touches on is an area in webmaster tools which will help webmasters to clean up a hacked website and possibly steer them in the right direction to clean the site and have it listed again.

There are a few niches where at the moment a search term can have clusters of results from the same site on several pages of results, they are trying to eliminate this, so once you have seen a few results from a site, it’s less likely to be displayed in deeper pages. This makes sense and should give a few smaller sites the opportunity to rise up towards the top pages. Although he does also talk about giving authority sites preference, which means it’s probably going to be the big sites which can afford to add a lot of high quality content which continue to rise to the top.

All in all it should be an interesting year!

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