Hosting Options graphic for hosting servicesThere are a few key considerations in which hosting provider to use, if you have a quick look around the web for hosts, you will find an enormous range of choice and options available. Windows or Linux, uptime guarantees and various amounts of storage and transfer capabilities, and that’s before we even look into which specific features are available once you have the accounts set up. We can take care of the whole dilemma for you, once we know what functionality you require from a website we can set up a hosting account with all the features you need. This usually includes the option to add a blog and shop (either now or in the future) along with email addresses and the assurance that your website is secure, fast and always available. Since site speed has become part of Googles search engine ranking factors, it is essential that your website is at least as fast as the average website, of course, even faster is always better. Uptime is also an important factor, as you don’t need your site visitors clicking on your site to find it’s offline, this could cost you business. Email accounts can be set up from your hosting account and either linked to Outlook or accessed via a web browser, so you can have an email address such as [email protected] Storage and data transfer is not a concern, as unless you specifically ask us for a particular host, all those we use offer unlimited transfer and storage. Making Life Easy Our clients do not need to be concerned with any of the options above, as we will host your site with a company who we already use for other clients, and of course they will be a green host too!

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