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Firstly, just to be clear, the title tag is a line of text in your website which is not visible on the web page, but is seen in search engines if you do a search, it will appear as the title of the web page, followed by some text and then the sites URL. It also appears in the blue bar at the top of your web browser window.

It’s commonly thought of as the single most important seo factor on a specific web page. The title tag should be kept to under 70 characters as this is all that will usually be displayed in search results. A keyword rich, but readable title is essential, both for search engines and people doing searches. When a person runs a search, a page of results will be displayed, but of those results, those which include the exact words they are looking for, will get those words highlighted, so therefore appear more relevant, in turn making it much more likely that someone will click through.

The search engine spiders also place a lot of emphasis on the words in the title for determining a pages topic, so it’s advisable to try to use the pages primary keyword in the tag, as close to the beginning as possible. Remember to keep each one unique though!

Open to abuse? Well, kind of. You could put a page title which is totally unrelated to the page itself, although this would not really help anyone, the visitor would just click away again to find a relevant page, plus the search engines are by no means stupid (OK, I should say the people behind the engines) so they will undoubtedly realise your title and page are unrelated and drop you from the rankings anyway. In fact, even if they didn’t, you would be competing for a top spot with many other businesses who are using all the other aspects of on page optimisation correctly, so the chances are that you would not appear in the first place.

So if your website is struggling a bit, a quick, easy and best of all free way to help it along, is to take a closer look at your title tags, or you could contact us to do it for you.

P.S. Unfortunately the second option is not free though.

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