This was possibly the smallest, fastest and cheapest website we’ve ever built. A wiltshire based marine engineer wanted a single page website to advertise a new business specialising in fuel polishing.  (this is essentially filtering fuel in diesel tanks to make it clean.  No, I hadn’t heard of it before either!)

engineering company logo

Logo Design

He had no idea what he wanted, so we started by finding an appropriate url, then on with the logo design.  We suggested a teal type shade for the logo to tie in with the colour of diesel on water (it tends to have a blueish shimmer) and put a bug inside a water drop. He liked it.

Web Design

Once the client had supplied the text and images, we started work, we installed WordPress with a few essential plugins for aesthetics and security and started a draft. After a few hours work basing the site around the colours in the logo, we contacted him to see if it was what he wanted, he was delighted, so we finished the job, we did add a separate contact page, then with few small tweaks it was published. You can see the full website here

engineering company web design

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