We were approached by a choir who didn’t have a website to design a new one.  They had one previously but it had gone offline and never been recovered so there was nothing to base the new one around other than a logo.  This was actually somewhat tricker than initially envisaged as the client didn’t explain what they wanted until after certain elements were designed.

web design for choir

They had an old hosting package which needed to be upgraded so WordPress could run and we asked them to supply text and images for each page. The website included a range of pages with a gallery and songs for visitors to hear along with all the usual about us, contact etc.

First we did a mock up of the home page to get a feel for what they wanted after being given the nod the website was designed, but then we had to make lots of changes, things like fonts, spacing and individual page layouts, at least we got the colour scheme right!

The problem was that it was so personal to the person running the group that she felt it necessary to micro manage every aspect.  In this situation we do try very hard to be accommodating and stick to the budget, particularly when they aren’t a commercial business who can easily justify the ROI of a new website.

We did get the site complete, in my professional opinion looking nowhere near as good as the original site we designed, but, if the client wants changes, we can only advise and ultimately make those changes if that’s what they want.  They were very happy with the end result and we have another happy customer.

There were a few lessons learnt along the way, so all in all everyone came away from the project with a smile.

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