We have worked with this manufacturing company over several years, providing SEO services and web design. We recently added E Commerce too, including the ability for customers to build and order their own leak detection systems from within the shop.

WordPress Site with eCommerce and pdf Downloads

This manufacturing client initially contacted us for SEO. Having recently started the business they’d invested in a bespoke CMS which was rather clunky and limited in respect to what we could access and change. It also looked rather old fashioned on the front end and wasn’t responsive (mobile friendly). Towards the end of 2015 as business began to pick up, they made the decision to give the website a complete overhaul, ECO SEO was chosen to do the development work.

website for a uk manufacturing company

Once the new website was ready and the client was happy with it we made the website live. By applying 301 redirects we ensured that their existing ranks were not lost, since then the site has gone from strength to strength and is now the main source of new enquiries. As a result their business has continued to grow and they have recently moved into new offices in Devizes.

What we did?

Website Development

Having already made some headway with the SEO campaign we put this on hold while the new website was designed in WordPress. In addition to giving the site a fresh modern look, we took this opportunity to apply some fundamental changes such as shortening and making URL’s more targeted, improving the navigation structure and creating a number of new pages to target specific keyword phrases, none of this had been possible with their previous CMS. The main landing pages were each designed individually but we created a template page for the products, this enabled the client to populate them, saving on our time and therefore the overall cost of the project.

On-Page SEO

Unlike the vast majority of web designers, we approach every web design project from an SEO perspective, changing from the old system the client had been using gave us a great opportunity to fix some of the issues which already existed, one of which being the url structures. In the old system it automatically generated URL’s based on the folder structure, so if a page was created from within another couple of pages (i.e. 3 hops from the homepage) the URL would be domain.com/a-page/another-page/the-actual-page.php now the equivalent is simply domain.com/the-actual-page/ which is much better.

Before launching the site all the main pages were also scanned with our SEO software to generate an overview report for each of the main pages, based on it’s target keyword or phrase to ensure that the term and synonyms were used appropriately in titles, page copy, alt tags etc

Ongoing Optimisation

Initially when working on this website we spent much of our time identifying and resolving technical issues which were caused by the original CMS. Once this was done we could get on with actually optimising the site. Keyword research was undertaken to identify keywords which would be most likely to give a good ROI, along with a number of terms the client specifically asked for based on their own industry experience. The keywords and terms were then grouped and allocated to pages so the on and off page optimisation could start. We are proud to say that they are already ahead of their 3 main competitors for numerous keyword terms and we are nipping at their heels for the remainder, at this rate it won’t be long before they are beating them for almost everything!

clear simple page layout
clear simple page layout
e-commerce buy it now page