Why Cold Call if you can Optimise ?

It absolutely astounds me the number of SEO companies / consultants / professionals / cowboys who don’t do for themselves, what they claim to be able to do for their customers. Every single day I pick up the phone to sales calls, the person on the other end asking me if I am aware that my website is in position 30 for a particular search term. No I usually reply, so they then tell me that the term is searched for 5000 times a month in Google and how their company can get me to the top for that particular term.

If I have a few minutes to waste, I will sometimes go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and do a quick search, making sure the location is set to UK and exact match to find that it’s actually searched for less than 100 times in a given month. They then usually continue to attempt to convince me that their company is fantastic and can do allsorts of magical improvements for both my and my customers websites, it’s usually around this time that I ask them why they aren’t already number 1 for that term, so they tell me that they are at the top for some odd term which is in actual fact so rarely searched for that the people who do, either don’t know what they are looking for, or simply made a mistake.  The most recent was “search engineering”, they then told me that it was searched for about 30,000 times a month, so I checked, it was actually searched for around 150 times a month, once broad match was turned off and the location set to the UK.

So my point? Eseentially my point is that if an SEO needs to cold call you, or even worse spam your email account or website enquiry form, they probably can’t optimise a website. If they could, they would have enought enquiries coming in to have a steady stream of enquiries from their own website.  If they don’t they must be doing something wrong, perhaps the keyword research, the on page factors, almost definitely the link building. It’s like a Honda car salesman turning up to a customers offices in a BMW and when they ask him why he’s not driving a Honda himself, having to admit that a BMW is a better car, but please buy 20 of my latest model Hondas, it just wouldn’t happen!

Although even worse than the bad cold calls are the spam emails which seem to pour in over night. Here’s one I received earlier, it was sent in via the contact form on this site:

email: derekjohnson.321@gmail.com

name: Darian Lewis

company: Marketing Company

phone: 12012012011

comments: We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.

OK, I know it may just be one of my personal preferences but I hate spam emails, so starting from the top, here is why this guy would never get an answer:

Firstly, it’s a gmail account, so I can only assume that he doesn’t have a real domain himself, infact there is a field on my website for them to leave a URL, so I expect he would have put it on there if he had one at all. Next his name is Darien or Derek as in the email?  I mean, come on, a little consistency would have been easy here! The company name “Marketing Company” great, so to have a name like that I would imagine you would have to have been in business for absolutely years, but hang on, no as it seems that he doesn’t have a real telephone number or email address. So how can he expect me to believe that he can improve my rankings in search engines.

Just incase you ever find this post, my advice to you would be to stop spamming, as even my grandmother wouldn’t believe you. Learn to do SEO, build a website, or I could even build one for you and optimise it to get found, Oh infact I could do that for you too!

Sorry all, rant over.