New Major Update?

Is Google rolling out another Update ?

There has been quite a bit of talk just recently about another major update happening, it’s yet to be confirmed, however there is a theory that it all relates back to a big linking network being penalised.

Over in Russia there is a link network (SAPE) which is so widely used, some claim up to 80% of sites over there have links directly from it. Google are said to have clamped down on it in rather a grand style, penalising every site involved.

So how does this affect me?

lets say (for the sake of simplicity) that you have 10 links coming in to your website from various places, none from the SAPE network. However a couple of your stronger links are pointing in from sites which get their link juice either directly from the network itself, or from yet another layer of websites which do. Ultimately you have absolutely no control over this, you could have begged, or earned these links in good faith, but now they are worthless impacting your own sites positions as you have just lost a fifth of your links. But worse, they could be your strongest links.

If this network is as large as I’m led to believe, and I must add I’d never heard of it before, then the effects could be rippling through the web for weeks, as sites are de-indexed, then the sites they link to start to drop, then the sites they link to and so on, round and round until all that link juice is gone!

6 thoughts on “New Major Update?

  1. Bryn says:

    That would have to be one hell of a network for it to reach that many UK sites, more likely it’s just a Panda refresh which Google have yet to officially announce or confirm.

  2. Andy B says:

    Hello, Do you any ideas why all updates is named after animal. Is a reason for it?

    • Steve says:

      Hi Andy,

      I believe it’s actually to do with peoples surnames, i.e. the engineers at Google who developed the Algorithms, although it’s a bit of a coincidence they are both named after black and white animals!


  3. Si says:

    There is certainly something afoot with Google at the moment, big brands are wiping the floor with all the small businesses, it’s as if Google just want small businesses to pack up and give up. It seems like the only people who can satisfy what Google want these days need to be big enough to spend a small fortune with an SEO agency or have a large dedicated in house team. Small business, small budget, you may as well give up now!

  4. Pam Hutchings` says:


    I believe it has already happened, rumors are all over the internet about a Panda refresh which happened somewhere between the 10th and 20th of March this year, dependant on exactly who you listen to. But it has been discussed on SEOMox and Search Engine Land etc, so no doubt there is some truth in it.


  5. Macca says:


    There is talk of another big Penguin update hitting in the near future though, so watch out for that!

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