Keeping Site Content Unique

An often overlooked aspect of search engine optimisation is adding fresh unique content to your website. Many people and of course SEO companies, are aware of traditional methods such as meta tags, link building and coding, however, adding fresh and unique content to your website is also a key aspect of optimising it for Google, Ask, MSN and Yahoo.

Companies can spend a small fortune on standard SEO practices, whilst overlooking this single important aspect which can be done quite easily by the site owner, as opposed to having to pay your webmaster to do it for you.

All you need to do is add a blog, if at this stage you are thinking “I don’t know how”, it may be best that you ask a professional to set it up and configure it for you, as getting it right from the outset will make it much more effective long term. That being said, it is something you can do yourself, but getting the optimisation right is the slightly more tricky bit, so it will save you countless hours or days of research to just let someone else do this for you.

Once it’s configured, the site owner (and anyone else who you have given a login account to) can access it on a regular basis to add content to the site, this can be news about new products, company achievements, new projects you have completed, or just how *add appropriate name here* has just done a sponsored leg shaving and raised some money for charity, the options are endless.

If configured correctly, the search engines will automatically be notified that you have just added new content to your website, so they can come and index it. We would suggest that you add something at least a couple of times a week, it doesn’t have to be War and Peace, just a couple of paragraphs about what is happening with your business. Once you get into the swing of it, you may want to start adding longer posts anyway. The key thing is that what you write is unique, so do not under any circumstances copy and paste copy into your blog.

Adding fresh content in this way will increase your search engine results over time, as they like sites which are constantly updated. In addition, updating content on the static pages on the site will help too, so don’t neglect them, it’s also a good excuse to proof read the standard pages from time to time, there may be new product features to add, or even remove, or they could be a typo which you missed the first time around.

Just remember that the more content you have, the more likely you are to be talking about exactly what someone is searching for, so adding unique content can help in 2 ways, so can only help your long term seo strategy.

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4 thoughts on “Keeping Site Content Unique

  1. Glenn Klett says:

    Random question: I know you are using wordpress for this blog, but have you tried any other platforms. I am trying to decide for my blog? and I ask because I like yours.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Glenn,

      I have tried other platforms in the past, but settled on WordPress. (I’ve not reviewed them again for 2-3 years now, so can’t comment on the current differences), but the main reason I have stuck with WP now is 2 fold really. 1. there are so many developers out there, that you can get plugins for almost anything and templates ready made. 2. Because it’s so widely used, most problems can be resolved by a quick web search, as they will have already been discussed somewhere. Well, and I guess also the comfort zone thing, I personally know it well, so it’s easier to keep using it as long as it does what I need.

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