How to get Free Backlinks

Easy Free Links to Your Website

If your website has been around for a while, it’s likely that you have changed some pages around over the years, if this is the case, it’s highly likely that there are a few free backlinks to be had for very little effort and no cost whatsoever! By following this process, I recently added over 200 backlinks to a clients website, the site itself was very focused on a particular niche, so I was able to point them all to a specific page we were working on, this action alone took them from page 3 in Google UK, straight in at the bottom of the first page, it took about 15 minutes.

Process for gaining Free Links

First off, you must have a Google webmaster tools account, if you don’t already, go and set one up, as it will come in handy for other things too. Second, you must be able to edit and upload your htaccess file on your web server, so you will also need a text editor, I use crimson editor usually and then upload via ftp.

Open up your Google Webmaster Tools account first, then go to diagnostics / crawl errors then within web, click not found. You will see pages listed which no longer exist on your website but have links pointing to them from elsewhere on the web. If your site has been crawled but you don’t see any listed, this will not work for you.

Provided you do have some old pages listed, they will have numbers to the right, if you click on them it will show you all the external links already pointing to a page of your website, which no longer exists.

Open up your text editor next and load the local copy of your htaccess file (if it’s not already in the web folder, you may need to download it from your site, or possibly create it if you haven’t already done so). Now add the following line of text exactly as it is below but changing the web locations, so the first one is the page which no loner exists, the second is where you want it to point to, one line for each of your old url’s.

redirect 301 /myoldpage.html http://www.websitename/newpage.htm

Make sure you leave a blank line between each entry.

Those links which were previously pointing to a page on the web which no longer existed, now point to a page on your website. Oh, and did I mention, you now know how to do a 301 redirect too!

Or of course, if you would rather let us do this and many other aspects of SEO to your website, please do get in touch.

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