How Long Should a Web Page Be?

What is Page Length?

The length of a website page is different from the “page size”, page length can be considered as what the site visitor sees, whereas page size is what a search engine will see, it therefore includes java scripts, any other code and images, the total can equate to a very large page size with very little content visible to the visitor. So what I am talking about here in simple terms, is the number of words or characters you have visible on a page.

My personal take on this is that it probably shouldn’t be less than 200 words, but probably around 300-400 is optimum, this is of course just a personal preference and is up for discussion, so if you have any thoughts on this please do leave me a comment. You should always use a good page structure and include your keywords in the page title, h tags, ideally the h1, a couple of links to the page (internal or external) using the keyword can also work wonders for your search positions!

Keyword Density

So how about the density of keywords on the page? I am assuming here that you have already done your keyword research. This is a hot topic of debate among the SEO community, I have heard of people claiming to have success with over 10%, personally I feel this is too high and would be likely to trip some kind of filter and therefore keep your page out of the listings. Although it is commonly accepted that up to 7% would be acceptable. Of course if you do for some reason have a page with very little text on it, 4-5% could look very unnatural and you need to keep it looking right to the page viewer, so in this case it’s worth beefing the page up a bit if you can. Try using more header tags and perhaps some bullet points, as this can help spread the page out without looking unnatural.

That being said, I personally think the keyword density is almost irrelevant these days, of course the keyword would be included anyway, as it would be very hard to write a page around a theme without mentioning it at all, so I really don’t worry about density any more, I have done some testing around this theory, and from what I can see so far, it’s 90% about links anyway (external and internal) whilst the page title and possibly h tags still have some bearing too.

Any thoughts?