How Can I Improve My Quality Score ?

How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Score

My previous post covered the basics of Google Adwords quality Score with a view to decreasing your pay per click budget, so if you missed that one, have a quick read through, as this post will make much more sense if you read that one first.

There are quite a few things you can do to improve your quality score, so we will now go through each of the factors which affect it, to try to raise it somewhat, in turn reducing your cost per click.

The CTR of the keyword and advert

The first thing to remember is that your CTR is relevant to it’s position and the other ads which have previously held that position. So you could just bid more, to get higher up and improve CTR that way (as the higher you are, the more people are likely to click on your advert), however, unless you improve the advert to increase the number of clicks, your CTR will still be considered low for it’s new position, remember CTR is 60% of your quality score, so this is the first thing to focus on.
You can also bid on your own company name, these click should cost pennies, but will achieve a high click through rate, as almost everyone who searches your company name will be looking for your company! This will increase your campaigns overall CTR.

Negative keywords are often overlooked, but by researching, both on the keyword research tool, and through your own logs, you can find many totally irrelevant words, which in a long tail search will still trigger your ad’s, make sure you add these, as each time someone searches for that, they will trigger your advert, but not click it, therefore decreasing your CTR.

The relevance of the keyword and the matched ad to the search query

Assuming that you are only targeting relevant keywords to start with, focusing on negative keywords is the key here too, by preventing your advert from showing up for irrelevant searches, you can be sure that when someone does click, it’s a relevant keyword search which triggered it.

Account CTR history

To my knowledge, there is little you can do about this one, a long standing campaign with good CTR will be more successful than a new account. Just make sure you do it right from the outset and have your negative keywords in place along with well targeted ads and keywords, so you should start off well. It can take months to improve this, so a good start is the key here.

Historical CTR of display URL’s

This one is more simple, you just need to split test the urls which you are using and use the one with the highest CTR, then try to add the keywords to the copy on the pages.

Landing page quality

Google have real people who check the landing pages for relevance and quality, so your focus here is to ensure that the page looks good and reads well for real people. This is actually doubly important as when a visitor clicks your add you want the page they land on to be appealing and encourage further action, not just click away again.

Relevance of a keyword to the other keywords in it’s group

Just make sure that your base keyword is in the title, ad copy and display url (everyone knows this one!)

Account performance in the geographic region in which it’s displayed

Run the Adwords geographic performance report to find out where your ads are performing poorly, this can help you identify if there are certain regions you should stop showing your ad completely, or perhaps you could set up a new ad group focussed on just that region instead.

Other factors

A bit vague, I know, but if Google let all their secrets out, everyone would be able to game them. So these are things which are likely to affect it, such as how many people hit your page, then immediately press the back button, this would be an indication that the page is not relevant. It’s also rumored that having the keyword in the title tag can help your QS too.

If you are involved in pay per click, it is worth getting these factors right or you could be paying much more than your competitors, for similar page placements.

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