Google Chrome Gains Pace

Chrome overtakes Firefox for the first time

In just 2 years Googles new web browser Chrome has made a significant impact on the average internet users browser of choice.

Back in November of 2009 Google Chrome was just launching and had around the same market share as Safari and Opera, each accounting for around 3%, whilst Firefox was sitting at around 30% and Internet Explorer had been steadily falling for around a year and was down to below 60% already. However in the last 2 years things have continued to change with Chrome making massive gains, Firefox dropping off slightly and Internet Explorer continuing to fall, the percentages are now around:

  • Internet Explorer – 40%
  • Google Chrome – 25%
  • Firefox – 25%

The most significant change really is the fall in users of Internet Explorer, this may be something to do with the change in ownership, as it used to be owned entirely by Microsoft, however that changed this year, as a result version 9, which is apparently much better, is not bundled in with Windows 7, which therefore gives everyone a choice from the outset . Firefox has always been a firm favourite with those who either wanted a fast reliable browser, or those who want to use the wide range of add ons available for it (myself included, and it’s still my browser of choice) although the number of recent updates has been rather frustrating when the add on’s are all slightly behind.

So is Google Chrome set to become the average internet users browser of choice in 2012? Well, if the trend continues and Google continue to push it hard and get those developers to integrate all the extra add on’s with it there is no reason why not. Watch this space! (Errr actually there will be a new post about it when and if it happens, so watch out for a new space (post) on the subject)