Discounted eCommerce Web Design

Fast, cheap online shops for local retailers to help you keep trading through the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

We all want to keep trading through these very unusual times and we appreciate that many small retail businesses are going to struggle, if not close down.  So we have devised a way to get virtually any business online very cheaply and quickly.  This applies to companies who already have a website and those who don’t. This will be on a strictly first come first served basis. See discounted prices below.

How can we build eCommerce websites so quickly?

We do eCommerce website design year in year out, so know how to set them up quickly, we also have access to all the required software so we can just chose the layout you like, add your logo, match the colour scheme and start adding products.  We’ll use PayPal (or other providers if you prefer) for card transactions.  The customer doesn’t need to have an account, it’s just a standard card processing system.  We’ll even set your shipping charges up based on how many items or the weight of the order. So, provided you only need a simple web shop we can do all this in a few days and you can add as many products as you like while we’re doing the technical stuff and after.

What does it cost?

We usually build more complex ecommerce websites over a much longer period and bill stage payments as we go along. However, right now we are keeping them simple just to get your online shop live as quickly as possible. This means we can do the work for a few hundred pounds rather than a few thousand.  All we are asking is that you pay a deposit when we start the work and we will defer the balance until after this has all blown over and business is back up and running normally. Up to 1 year from going live

Discounted and Deferred Payment

This is a temporary offer until we are out the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The prices are heavily discounted and we are only taking a deposit, with the balance due once we are all back up and running.  It works for everyone.  You can continue to trade with minimal cost even though your physical premises are shut, your customers can continue to access your products and we keep busy too.


Integrate with existing wordpress site

wordpress icon


Deposit £200

contact us 1 week turnaround

From Scratch

If you don’t currently have a website at all

responsive web design


Deposit £400

contact us 1.5 week turnaround


If you have a website on another platform

back links icon


Deposit £300

contact us 1.5 week turnaround

Online Shop Features

Whichever package you require, the shop will have full eCommerce functionality and will display correctly on PC’s, tablets and mobile phones.  This includes the ability for you to add, remove and edit products, add images, change prices and edit shipping.  Customers will be able to add single or multiple products to their basket, amend them in the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout and pay.  You will receive an order notification by email so you can process the order and ship it, you then mark that order as complete.

(At a later date you could also add the use of image carousels, discount codes, variable product options, search engine optimisation and pretty much anything else you’ve seen on other online shops. But for now we just want to keep as many local businesses as possible trading)

The website must be secure, this means it uses an SSL certificate to show https in the address bar. If you already have a website, it should be implemented already, if not, we can do this for you if it’s available from your host. If we build from scratch we’ll take care of it anyway.

Product Pages

This is an example of a simple product page.

(click the image to enlarge)

The Levels of Integration

If you already have a WordPress website:

This is full integration, so we can embed buy it now windows or buttons onto existing pages and add the cart icon to your header, it will probably look like it’s always been part of the website.

A Brand New Website with eCommerce

A fully integrated solution based on your logo and colour scheme but you’ll also be able to add additional pages and a blog. We can register a domain and host the site for the first year, so you have no additional costs.

Integrated with an existing site (other than WordPress)

This is dependant on the co-operation of your original web developer as we will need access to your original site and hosting, or for them to create the navigation options and buttons to integrate it. This is effectively a stand alone solution which matches your website and appears to be part of it to the visitor.

Cheap Shop Design Which Looks Anything But

Just because we are offering this at such a discounted price, doesn’t mean it’ll look like a cheap eCommerce website! Below are a few examples of the pre-designed blocks we’ll use. Again, all matched to your colour scheme and incorporating your product images.

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