What is a Pingback in WordPress

And what do I do with them ? This is a question I’ve been asked a few times recently, sometimes just from friends who have their own WordPress blog, but also from a couple of clients who have recently started blogging. I’m a big advocate of WordPress, (hence having written about it on several occasions,

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Blog SEO

What is Blog SEO ? This is quite a common question and a fairly simple one to answer, so I shall attempt to keep this post brief. I am also assuming that you will be doing this manually, as opposed to using one of the WordPress plug-ins, which will do some, but not all of

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DIY SEO Part 2 – Using WordPress

Website Design and SEO This is the second part of our DIY SEO series, so if you missed the first part have a look at DIY SEO Part 1 first, as this explains some of the basic principles to consider before you get started on the design. This article assumes that everything is being done

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