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What is a Pingback in WordPress

And what do I do with them ? This is a question I’ve been asked a few times recently, sometimes just from friends who have their own WordPress blog, but also from a couple of clients who have recently started blogging. I’m a big advocate of WordPress, (hence having written about it on several occasions,

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SEO Friendly Blog Posts

How to Write SEO Friendly WordPress Posts First of all, remember that you can do more harm than good if you copy and paste chunks of content into your blog, as with the rest of the website all content must be unique! If you can, try to add something at least once a week, if

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Blog SEO

What is Blog SEO ? This is quite a common question and a fairly simple one to answer, so I shall attempt to keep this post brief. I am also assuming that you will be doing this manually, as opposed to using one of the WordPress plug-ins, which will do some, but not all of

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DIY SEO Part 2 – Using WordPress

Website Design and SEO This is the second part of our DIY SEO series, so if you missed the first part have a look at DIY SEO Part 1 first, as this explains some of the basic principles to consider before you get started on the design. This article assumes that everything is being done

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