Website Design

10 ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

There are many reasons a visitor to your website may leave immediately and although not a fact, I believe that a low bounce rate is probably a factor in your search engine positions. (Bounce rate is the number of site visitors who enter and leave on the same page, i.e they click to your website

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CSS Not Tables

For the last couple of years or so, web designers have been moving from the traditional table based format for designing websites, to CSS (cascading style sheets), so why is this? Page Load Speed Having an external CSS, much of the code is contained on a page other than the one being viewed, this can

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Website Design Tips

There are a seemingly endless list of jobs to do when planning and designing a website, making sure it is appealing to site visitors, whilst keeping it equally appealing to the search engines. Whilst this article is not specifically about search engine optimisation as such, there are a few things to remember while you are

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