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How to Speed up a WordPress Site

screenshot of our own load times from the uk

WordPress is rapidly becoming the CMS of choice for pretty much everyone. According to w3Techs, by the end of 2018 over 60% of CMS based sites were using it, which means it accounts for over a third of all websites!

The only real problem we often see with WordPress installations is the speed, it’s not uncommon to see page load speeds between 5 and 10 seconds or more! So how do we fix that?

SEO What’s New For 2013?

The Short Answer is There are No “Tricks” For years people have been looking for the quick fix to achieve top search engine results, some worked for a while, some worked, most very briefly but if the technique in question was leaning heavily towards the dark side, the benefits have almost certainly been wiped out […….]

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Blog SEO

What is Blog SEO ? This is quite a common question and a fairly simple one to answer, so I shall attempt to keep this post brief. I am also assuming that you will be doing this manually, as opposed to using one of the WordPress plug-ins, which will do some, but not all of […….]

Essential SEO Keyword Research

Get Keyword Research Right, First Time! There are so many things you can do to aid an SEO campaign, take a look at the forums and you will find hundreds or thousands, in fact, probably tens of thousands of threads, with webmasters of varying levels of experience discussing the pro’s and con’s of various techniques. […….]