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How do I Find Out what Google Knows about ME?

Pretty much everyone uses Google, from our Gmail accounts and browsing behaviour through to Calendars, Contacts, Youtube and Photographs there is a lot of data they potentially hold on you, me and all the other Google users around the world. Whilst this is generally beneficial for everyone involved, such as delivering tailored SERP’s and providing

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from the horses mouth

What will Google Change in 2013?

From the Horses Mouth as it Were I just found this new video from Google’s Matt Cutts, it was released in May this year and he talks about what Google is likely to do this year, he does start off by saying that plans are constantly evolving, so it could change, but certain things like

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How to Remove Bad Links

Google Launches Disavow Tool Ever since Google launched it’s Penguin update back in April 2012, many webmasters have been scratching around on the web trying to have bad links to their sites removed. The common cause of these was by people hiring low quality SEO companies who hit their websites with literally thousands of keyword

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Updated Webmaster Guidelines from Google

New Google Webmaster Guidelines for 2012 At long last Google have updated their guidelines for webmasters (seo’s, internet marketers and anyone else who owns or manages a website), it’s been a long time coming but now they have there is much clearer explanation on most points, and a much better description of Rich Snippets. If

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Jumped up the SERP’s then Straight Back Down

My Site Was Appearing on Page 1 in Google, Now it’s Nowhere to be Found! I spend a fair bit of time on the SEO forums, they are a great way to get the heads up on what’s happening in the world of SEO and to read other peoples opinions on what’s causing the fluctuations.

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How to Rank Number 1 on Google

OK firstly if you just got here thinking there really is a magic stick which is going to get you to the top, then think again. If you landed here for some other reason and need a laugh, check out this mash up video of Google’s Matt Cutts telling us how to make it to

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Google Chrome Gains Pace

Chrome overtakes Firefox for the first time In just 2 years Googles new web browser Chrome has made a significant impact on the average internet users browser of choice. Back in November of 2009 Google Chrome was just launching and had around the same market share as Safari and Opera, each accounting for around 3%,

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Google Removed 3rd Party Site Reviews

Google Places Has Been Re-Vamped and 3rd Party Site Reviews are No More The Google Places listings have had a bit of a re-jig just recently, with a general face-lift, more calls to action but also the reviews from 3rd party sites are no longer included, it now looks much cleaner, but what is the

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SEO and What’s Important in 2011

There have been a lot of changes in the effective methods of optimising a website in the last 8-10 years. There was a time that you could put a site up, cram it with keywords, stuff the alt tags and meta tags with that same word and, hey presto, there you were in top position

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