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What is a Pingback in WordPress

And what do I do with them ? This is a question I’ve been asked a few times recently, sometimes just from friends who have their own WordPress blog, but also from a couple of clients who have recently started blogging. I’m a big advocate of WordPress, (hence having written about it on several occasions,

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Is Your Content Worth A Read ?

How to Improve your Site Content Ever since Google started clamping down on bad linking practices, site owners, webmasters and SEO’s have all been rushing to add more and more content to their websites, albeit in many cases, completely forgetting the ultimate aim of doing so, to make a sale or get an enquiry. It

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Why Does My Business Need a Blog ?

Do you currently have a small business website which you update occasionally or make minor changes to a couple of pages every now and then, but essentially remains the same from one year to the next? If so you need a blog. What is a Blog? Firstly let’s define exactly what a blog is and

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Is Content Really King Now?

Ever since Google started with their bout of Panda, and more recently, Penguin updates SEO’s have been either affected (or more accurately their clients websites have been) by them, or are at best a little nervous that something done in the past, by them or a previous firm, could just tip the balance and send

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Improving Blog Traffic

I was planning on writing an article about how to increase traffic to a blog today, however I remembered a post that Rand from SEOmoz did earlier in the year, so went to find it. I did and having read it through realised there was actually very little to add to what he had already

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SEO Friendly Blog Posts

How to Write SEO Friendly WordPress Posts First of all, remember that you can do more harm than good if you copy and paste chunks of content into your blog, as with the rest of the website all content must be unique! If you can, try to add something at least once a week, if

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