Budget Web Design

Ideal for anyone who needs an internet presence for a new business or upcoming project, our budget websites look fantastic and have all the features you’d expect from a much larger site, they are simply more compact, and……. cheap, there I said it!

Your First Website

Our budget range of websites make it possible for even the smallest companies or startups on a very tight budget, to have a professional looking website with fully functioning contact forms which email the enquiries to you. While we don’t like to use the term “cheap web design” as the word cheap implies it’s not of high quality, we can in fact provide high quality cheap web design. How?

Our budget websites are based on standard designs which we can tweak and customise, but they have all the things you would expect to see on a professional business site such as a clean professional design, images, simple navigation and best of all, you can log in yourself to make changes!

The key thing is that they are completely scaleable! So new pages can easily be added as and when they are required.  Or if you need something more complex added in the future, such as an online shop, you can call us and we’ll integrate it into your existing website, making it look and feel as if it was there right from the outset.

We appreciate that a new business today could become a large customer in the future, so we make it as cost effective as possible for our smaller clients to get started. If we do a great job for you now, we hope that we’ll be your first port of call if you need to expand the website, have SEO done or decide on a new look in the future, as many of our previous customers have done.

Simple but Effective Design

A typical basic website consists of a “Home” page, “About Us”, a “Contact” page which will email enquiries straight to your inbox and a few pages about your products or services. Or perhaps FAQ’s and terms and conditions pages, it really depends who your customers are and what they want to know.

Add a Blog

A blog is a fantastic way to tell the world more about your products and services. Having a blog means our clients can add new content to the website quickly and easily. It’s really simple and essentially the admin panel looks a lot like MS Word, with many of the same features like adding headers, bold, italics or changing fonts, plus you can quickly add both images or videos to pages.  Then, when you press publish, that article is automatically added to the navigation too.

SEO Friendly

While we wouldn’t have the time to engage in detailed keyword research and actually optimise the site for the price we charge for very basic web design.  We do make sure your new website has a solid foundation for future SEO, with unique titles, descriptions, fast page load times and most importantly the right amount of text and no technical issues. All this guarantees that your site has the best chance of being indexed thoroughly and appearing in the search engines.


Once your site is live you always have the option to expand on it yourself or with our help.  This could be a simple case of adding pages and blog posts, which you can easily do yourself.  Or perhaps you want full E commerce integrated and payment processing facilities.  No problem, once you have your initial site design we can expand on this whenever you’re ready.

Our budget web design package starts from as little as £450! So why not give us a call or send an enquiry to discover what we can do for you.